How Do You Cancel Your Frndly TV Subscription? Simple Steps!

How Do You Cancel Your Frndly TV Subscription? Simple Steps!

To watch popular TV stations, you need Frndly TV. However, you’re bored and want to cancel Frndly TV to try other streaming services. 

How Do You Cancel Your Frndly TV Subscription? Frndly TV is the best TV subscription service. It offers economical subscriptions to 40 TV channels. It offers a 7-day free trial. 

The Frndly TV Settings section of their website lets you cancel your subscription. Amazon and Roku allow cancellation. 

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Can Frndly TV Be Canceled?

You can cancel Frndly TV anytime. You must cancel your trial plan before the trial time finishes to avoid being charged for the full subscription. 

How to cancel a Frndly TV Subscription?

The Frndly TV subscription cancellation process depends on your billing. Frndly TV subscription cancellation methods vary by billing type. 

PayPal and Credit/Debit Card Billing

  1. Visit Frndly TV.
  2. Access your account
  3. Visit Frndly TV Settings. 
  4. Click Cancel Subscription.

Follow the instructions to cancel altogether. 

Billing via Roku

  1. Visit Roku Subscriptions 
  2. Account Login
  3. Subscribe to Frndly TV
  4. Click Manage Subscription.

Touch Turn-Off Auto Renew and Save Changes.

Billing via Amazon

  1. Visit Amazon Subscriptions and Sign In.
  2. Manage Frndly TV Subscription.
  3. Disable Auto-Renew using the on-screen instructions.

Note: Email cancellation messages arrive immediately. If you do not receive that email, your cancellation request is incomplete. Contact Frndly TV customer care. 

How Can Frndly TV Be Cancelled Via Email?

You can also email Frndly TV Support at their preferred address. 

Contact [email protected] to cancel your subscription. 

How do I cancel my subscription to Frndly TV via live chat?

The Frndly TV Help Center Page has a Live Chat icon in the bottom right corner. Click it to connect with their virtual agent. 

Enter your email and concern (Cancel Subscription) to start the chat, and their virtual assistant will help you cancel Frndly TV or cancel on your behalf.

How Can a Frndly TV Subscription Be Downgraded?

Below are the steps to decrease or change your Frndly TV plan. 

Through Frndly

  1. Frndly TV login
  2. Choose your Subscription Plan. 

Through Roku

  1. Start the Frndly TV app on your Roku device and navigate to Settings.
  2. Select Change Plan.
  3. Choose your Plan.

Through Amazon

  1. To upgrade or downgrade your Amazon subscription, you must buy a new one and remove the old one. 
  2. Launch Frndly TV on Amazon Fire.
  3. Go to Settings.
  4. Select Change Plan.
  5. Choose your Plan.

These steps remove the old Amazon subscription.

  • Go to Amazon Subscriptions.
  • To cancel, select Subscription and follow the instructions.

You can enjoy the current subscription plan until your downgrade takes effect in your new paying period. 

Cancel Frndly TV subscription with Paypal

Step 1: Cancel Frndly TV on PayPal:

Step 2: Log into PayPal at

Step 3: Click the settings tab next to logout.

Step 4: Select “Payments” from the Automatic Payments dashboard menu and “Manage Automatic Payments.”

Step 5: A list of merchant agreements you’ve transacted with appears. Click “Frndly TV” or “Frndly TV, Inc.” to cancel.

Step 6: confirmation page appears. Click “Cancel Automatic Payments” to confirm your Frndly TV payment cancellation.

Step 7: Click “Done” on the verification page to unsubscribe.

Frndly TV subscription cancellation via browser

If you don’t want to use the app, you can cancel Frndly TV online. Simple to grasp.

Step 1: log into

Step 2: select Cancel Subscription in Settings.

Step 3: Confirm your cancellation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to reach friendly TV?

Chat with a live Customer Experience Specialist daily (7:30 am–8 pm MT) by clicking the speech bubble icon in the bottom-right corner of our Help Center: [email protected] is another option. Give us your account email and a detailed explanation of how we can help.

Does Frndly TV Offer a Free Trial?

There is a 7-day free trial before buying Frndly TV. 

What is the cost of a Frndly TV subscription?

Basic ($7.99), Classic ($9.99), and Premium ($11.99) Frndly TV plans. 

How do I reach Frndly TV support?

Either email [email protected] or tap Live Chat at the bottom of the Frndly TV Help Center page.  


Middle-class entertainment is best with Frndly TV, the cheapest live-streaming TV. Follow the above steps to cancel your subscription if you no longer want it.

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