How Do You Cancel Your Incogni Subscription? Effective Method!!

How Do You Cancel Your Incogni Subscription? Effective Method!!

Do you wish to protect your information against hackers and data brokers? In the contemporary era, characterized by the exponential expansion of IT services, malevolent online hackers are also highly active in their pursuit of stealing sensitive data. 

Thus, many businesses have subscribed to Incogni to safeguard their data. It is a subscription-based service that ensures the security of your information and assists you in interacting with data brokers. 

How Do You Cancel Your Incogni Subscription? Not to worry! Contacting their customer service department will allow you to terminate your Incogni subscription if you no longer require their services. 

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How? Please review the complete article to ascertain the appropriate procedure for canceling an Incogni subscription. 

Can You Cancel Your Incogni Subscription?

You may indeed terminate your Incogni subscription. While it is free to establish an Incogni account, to access its services, a paid subscription is required. 

Remember that the subscription plan undergoes automatic renewal, and the payment method you supplied will be debited automatically for the subscription fee. 

Thus, canceling the subscription before the commencement of the subsequent subscription plan is preferable. 

How Do I Cancel My Subscription to Incogni?

Only through this method can the Incogni subscription be terminated. You may email their support staff your request to terminate your Incogni subscription, and they will execute your bid. 

Yes, the only means to contact their customer service and cancel your subscription is via email. By following these procedures, the Incogni subscription can be terminated. 

Launch the Gmail application on your mobile device.

Include “Request to Cancel Incogni Subscription” in the subject line and add the Incogni Service Team email address [email protected] to the “To” block.

Commence the composition of your email by articulating the cancellation.

Include information regarding your Incogni subscription in the email’s body. Additionally, include your contact information and a portion of your information at the email’s conclusion.

Upon completion, forward the drafted email to their team. 

They will contact you within twenty-four hours to assist you with the cancellation.

Occasional updates regarding your cancellation will be delivered via email by their support staff. 

How Are Incogni Refunds Obtained?

The Incogni staff will offer a monetary refund policy for thirty days. A complete refund will be issued if you terminate your subscription within the first thirty days of its purchase. 

Except in this circumstance, the Incogni team will determine your refund (either no refund or a pro-rata refund). 

To initiate a refund request, please get in touch with the support team at [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of a subscription to Incogni?

The Incogni Subscription programs are as follows: Monthly Plan ($12.99 per month) and Annual Plan ($6.49 per month). 

This annual plan provides a 50% discount compared to the monthly plan.

How Do I Contact the Incogni Support Team?

You may correspond with the Incogni Support Team via email at [email protected]. Additionally, you may submit a request to their team. 


Be on time by canceling your subscription to Incogni. For a complete refund, you must terminate the subscription within thirty days of purchase. 

Please do not hesitate to contact the Incogni Customer Support team via email with any inquiries or concerns.

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