How Do You Cancel Your Showmax Subscription? Check Out These Tips

How Do You Cancel Your Showmax Subscription? Check Out These Tips

You purchased a Showmax subscription to view your preferred show, but it was unavailable on the platform. What are your plans in that circumstance? It is possible to terminate your Showmax subscription. 

How Do You Cancel Your Showmax Subscription? A streaming video platform accessible to South African citizens is Showmax. A subscription to this platform will grant you access to many incredible television programs. 

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Suppose you become disinterested in this platform in the interim. In that case, you can terminate your Showmax subscription through online cancellation procedures or by contacting their customer service team through Live Chat. 

Detailed instructions on terminating a Showmax subscription can be found in this article. Ensure that you read the entire thing to its conclusion. 

Can a Showmax subscription be canceled? What is the cost of the subscription?

A limited period is allotted to begin utilizing Showmax’s services during its free trial. After that, a $2.99 monthly subscription fee is applicable, with no contractual obligations. 

This indicates that Showmax subscriptions can be terminated at any time. 

How Do I Cancel My Online Showmax Subscription?

To terminate your Showmax subscription online, adhere to the steps below. 

Navigate to the Showmax site.

Enter your credentials to access your Showmax account.

Tap My Account from the menu bar at the top, then select your username.

Tap the Manage Subscription link. 

Select the Cancel Subscription link. 

How do I terminate my Showmax subscription through live chat?

Additionally, you may contact Showmax customer service for assistance with the cancellation process. 

Chatting is the only effective method of communication with their staff. Visit the Showmax Support Site. A pop-up interface for Chat will be displayed at the bottom of the display. 

Click the “Start Chat” icon after entering your “Name” and “Email Address” to initiate the conversation. 

Inform their team when the conversation commences that you wish to cancel the subscription. 

Their support staff will subsequently assist you with canceling your Showmax subscription. 

How do I cancel my Google Play subscription to Showmax?

Follow these steps to terminate your Google Play Showmax subscription. 

Launch the Showmax app.

Select the primary profile. 

Navigate to My Account > Manage Subscriptions after that.

Choose “Google Play subscriptions” from the menu.

Select a Showmax Membership.

Select the Cancel button.

Alternatively, you may terminate your subscription through the Google Play Store app. 

How Do I Cancel My Showmax iPhone Subscription?

Follow these procedures to terminate your iPhone Showmax subscription:

Activate the iPhone’s settings

Tap your Apple ID in the upper-right corner and select Subscriptions.

Choose the Showmax Subscription option.

Select the Cancel Subscription link. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Showmax providing a free trial?

A 14-day free trial of Showmax is indeed accessible. 

How Can Customer Service At Showmax Be Contacted?

Engage in Live Chat to communicate with a member of the Showmax customer service staff. 


This concludes the article regarding the process of canceling a Showmax subscription. We trust our response to your inquiry regarding Showmax cancellation was more satisfactory. 

Should you require assistance with any additional matter, please engage their service team and inform them of your predicament.

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