How To Cancel Botim Subscription In Etisalat?

How To Cancel Botim Subscription In Etisalat?

People in the UAE use Etisalat as their phone service, and Botim is an app they may use to assist with their calls. If you want to discontinue your Etisalat service, you must cancel your Botim Subscription with Etisalat. 

Etisalat offers monthly subscriptions and unlimited internet and phone services, including voice and video conversations. The Botim App is available for download from the Google Play and Apple Store. 

You may cancel Botim Subscription at Etisalat using the “My Etisalat App” or by texting or contacting a hotline to deactivate the Botim service. 

This page offers all the information you need to terminate your Botim Subscription. Make sure to read this article to the end for complete cancellation instructions. 

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Can You Cancel Your Botim Subscription With Etisalat?

If you wish to discontinue your Etisalat unlimited calling services, you must cancel or deactivate your Botim Subscription, which will cause your Etisalat to cease operating. 

You may cancel your Botim Subscription in Etisalat using the methods described below. 

How Do I Cancel My Etisalat Botim Subscription?

Botim Subscription is offered in two plans: one for Mobile Plan Users and one for eLife Plan Users. 

Canceling a Botim Subscription in Etisalat requires two steps for eLife and mobile plans. The procedures are straightforward to grasp. Here’s how to cancel your Botim Subscription. 

Unsubscribe Botim From Etisalat’s Mobile Internet Calling Plan

If you have a mobile internet call plan, follow these procedures to terminate your Botim Subscription. 

Text “CC” to 1012 to get started: You will get a confirmation message that your Botim Subscription has been terminated as soon as you submit this text. 

The following is taken from the “My Etisalat App”: Open the Etisalat App on your smartphone and cancel your membership there. 

If you utilize its postpaid services, your subscription will be terminated promptly, and you will no longer be able to use it. On the other hand, prepaid customers may continue to utilize the subscription advantages until the end of their current membership term, even after canceling. 

Deactivate Botim in Etisalat for users of the ELife Internet Calling Plan

Using its eLife Internet Calling Plan, you may cancel the Botim Subscription using the ways.

*101#: Dial this number to cancel your Etisalat Botim Subscription.

App “My Etisalat UAE”: Open the Etisalat App on your smartphone> Select a Plan> Botim’s current subscription plan is terminated when you click the “Unsubscribe” button. 

How Do I Delete Botim?

To remove your Botim account, follow these instructions. 

Launch the Botim App.

Then, click the “Me” button to be taken to the “Delete My Account” page.

Enter your phone number, then press the “Delete My Account” button. 

This will remove your Botim account, messages, and calling history. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does the Botim Etisalat Monthly Package Cost?

The Botim Etisalat Internet Calling Plan costs 50 AED per month for a single device. 

How Can I Contact Etisalat Support?

To receive assistance with various concerns, go to the Etisalat Support Page. The Live Chat option is available at the bottom of the Support Page. 


We hope you found this information on “how to cancel Botim Subscription in Etisalat” useful and instructive. If unhappy with their calling arrangements, you may terminate your Botim membership. 

You may re-subscribe to the Botim Subscription anytime after canceling by texting “ICP” to 1012 or using the “My Etisalat UAE App.”

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