How To Cancel Loot Crate Subscription? Two Ways To Cancel!!

How To Cancel Loot Crate Subscription? Two Ways To Cancel!!

Did you discover that your Loot Crate subscription was a good value? How To Cancel Loot Crate Subscription? If not, you may terminate your Loot Crate subscription by following the straightforward procedures outlined in this article.

The website Loot Crate distributes Geek Subscription boxes to gamers and enthusiasts. However, this requires the purchase of a Loot Crate Subscription; the Geek Subscription box is delivered to your residence every month. 

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To terminate your Loot Crate subscription, please access your account or contact their customer support department for assistance. An email can be directed to their personnel. 

Is It Possible To Cancel A Loot Crate Subscription?

Your Loot Crate subscription may be terminated at any time. Ensure you terminate your subscription at least forty-eight days before the scheduled renewal date to avoid being charged again. 

How Do I Cancel My Online Loot Crate Subscription?

Simple instructions are required to terminate your Loot Crate subscription: 

  • Access the Loot Crate site.
  • Enter your Loot Crate credentials and proceed to the My Subscriptions page.
  • Locate the Loot Crate cancellation link.
  • Select the option labeled “Cancel Subscription.”
  • Continue with the remaining stages to verify the cancellation. 

How Do I Cancel My Subscription to Loot Crate Via Email?

Additionally, the Loot Crate customer service team can assist you with canceling your subscription. 

Contacting their support staff at [email protected] and submitting a request to terminate your subscription is required. 

Their team will contact you as soon as they receive your email request and assist with canceling your subscription. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is A Refund Available Following Cancellation Of The Loot Crate Subscription?

No, you will not receive a prorated refund from Loot Crate upon cancellation. 

Therefore, canceling your subscription before being charged for the subsequent invoicing month is preferable. 

What is the cost of a subscription to Loot Crate?

Loot Crate ($29.99), Loot Anime ($29.99), Loot Fright ($34.99), Wizarding World ($39.99), Fallout Crate ($39.99), Loot Socks ($9.99), and Loot Tees ($13.99) are the various Loot Subscription Crates available for purchase. Each subscription is every month. 

How Do I Contact Customer Service at Loot Crate?

Their customer service department can be reached at supp[email protected]. Visit their Help Centre for further details. 


Following the steps mentioned above, you can terminate your subscription to Loot Crate. If you require any assistance, please feel free to contact their customer service department.

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