How To Cancel Swinton Insurance?

How To Cancel Swinton Insurance?

Directly contacting Swinton Group Limited at Swinton House, 6 Great Marlborough Street, Manchester M1 5SW, via telephone or written communication, is required to cancel your Swinton insurance policy.

Full refunds are issued for cancellations made before the policy’s commencement. You shall incur a charge of £25 should you cancel your order during the cooling-off period; after that, you shall incur a charge of £50.

Canceling your Swinton Insurance Policy promptly is advisable if it fails to provide the anticipated benefits. This article will present several methods by which How To Cancel Swinton Insurance?

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Swinton is an insurance company that provides its clients with various insurance services. They offer automobile, motorcycle, residential, commercial, travel, transport, pet, and business insurance policies. 

Suppose you wish to cancel one of the Swinton insurance policies you subscribe to. You may cancel your Swinton Insurance policy through their Live Chat feature or call the cancellation phone number. 

However, remember that the cancellation number varies by insurance policy, as we shall elaborate in this article. Read the article in its entirety. 

Can You Get Rid of Your Swinton Insurance?

It is possible to cancel your Swinton Insurance Policy. If you fail to rescind your policy before its commencement, you must pay a cancellation fee rather than receive a full refund. 

How To Cancel Swinton Insurance Over The Phone?

To cancel your Swinton Insurance, the initial and most efficient course of action is to contact their customer service team via the cancel Swinton Phone Number and request that a representative cancel your policy. 

You are required to contact each of these phone numbers to cancel your Swinton Insurance. 

How Can Swinton Insurance Be Canceled Using Live Chat?

A second option for canceling Swinton Insurance policies, particularly travel insurance, is using the Live Chat feature to communicate with their customer service department. 

Locate the “Live Chat” icon in the green box on the right-hand side of the screen on the Swinton Contact Page. Live Chat functionality will be exclusive to personnel who are actively online.

Utilize their Live Chat feature to initiate a conversation with a member of their customer service staff who will assist you in canceling your insurance by requesting the policy details. 

How Should Swinton Insurance4carhire Be Canceled?

To online cancel your insurance4carhire policy, please follow these steps:

  • Enter your credentials to access your Swinton account.
  • Tap “Cancel your Policy” next to the policy you wish to cancel. Enter the date by which the cancellation should be processed.
  • Determine the reason for the policy cancellation. 
  • You may choose a new policy when you cancel the previous one.
  • After that, a confirmation message regarding your refund will appear.
  • Please use the “Live Chat” feature to further inquire about your policy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is A Refund Available For Swinton Insurance Cancellations?

You will receive a complete refund if you cancel your insurance policy during its cooling-off period. You will receive a prorated refund if you cancel the policy after the expired cooling-off period. 

How Can Swinton Customer Service Be Contacted?

Visit Swinton’s Contact Page for information regarding how to communicate with their support staff and to gain access to their live chat feature. 

For general inquiries, please dial 0333 035 9192 to reach the Swinton Insurance Contact Number. Develop a relationship with their personnel on Twitter.


That concludes everything you need to know to How To Cancel Swinton Insurance? We make every effort to furnish you with unambiguous cancellation details. 

If you have any further inquiries, please contact the Swinton service team. Contact their service team between 8:30 am and 8:30 pm, Monday through Friday, and from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Saturday. 

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