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How to tackle security concerns while work from home with Ivacy VPN

The global pandemic that is Coronavirus has hit almost every country in the world and the impacts have been extensive. These are trying times for the world with millions of people being forced into self-isolation and quarantine zones. Experts have recommended that social distancing is one of the most effective ways to deal with the spread of the virus and this has led to governments imitating lockdowns to force citizens indoors in an effort to contain it. 

Precautions against Coronavirus

The World Health Organization has highlighted that it is the responsibility of each and every individual to play their role in helping to stop the spread of this virus. People in more than 35 countries are under lockdown with other nations experiencing partial closure. The most effective ways to keep the virus from spreading is through proper hygiene and minimizing contact. Users should disinfect work surfaces on a constant basis, wash hands regularly for up to 20 seconds each time and make use of sanitizers. 

Working from Home with a VPN

In response to these precautions, the number of remote workers has grown extensively with millions either voluntarily working from home or being forced to do so because of government-initiated quarantines. Despite the trying times however, the threats of cybercrime continue to exist and will grow because many employees are now having to work outside the secure cyberspace that is provided by their organization which makes them more vulnerable. 

The use of trustworthy VPNs has become more imperative than ever considering the recent situation. The leading VPNs like Ivacy VPN have taken steps to accommodate the increased demand efficiently. All remote workers and employees having to work from home should begin using VPN services if they weren’t already because even though these are difficult times, it is the responsibility of each individual to play their role in keeping communities safe and economies functioning properly. 


The outbreak of Coronavirus has put us all in a predicament that was unexpected and it is our responsibility to come together and stand strong to help fight the virus. Normal home users should therefore take all necessary precautions both for the safety of their health as well as that of their data online. 

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