Indian Dental practitioners are creating success stories in Dubai. Dr. Ziyath Ansar loves designing smiles!

Dr. Ziyath Ansar
Dr. Ziyath Ansar

Indian doctors have well recognized the world over and have traveled to various parts to work or set up their own practices. Dr. Ziyath Ansar is an Indian dentist who has a practice in Dubai. He operates out of two clinics, one in Deira and the other in Jumeriah.  Dr. Ziyath Ansari’s passion and dedication drove him to start his clinic in 2015. He completed his education in 2013.

The professional journey of Dr. Ziyath Ansari was dotted with difficulties. He had to gather finances, look for clients, till he finally opened his first clinic on 14th November 2015 in Deira at Alghurair Centre. His professional expertise and word-of-mouth goodwill won him many clients. Today, he is ably backed by a team of 10 doctors, and 8 nurses all of Indian nationality, jointly working with the objective of keeping their patients happy.

Dr. Ziyath Ansar
Dr. Ziyath Ansar

Ziyath Ansari is thankful that he is blessed with the strong support of his family and friends. Ziyath feels that his dedication and passion combined with the backing and encouragement of his family and friends have made him see early successes in his professional journey so far. He has treated a total of more than 15,000 patients. He feels very well connected with his patients and works with the vision of creating happiness and satisfaction for them.

When doctors or other professionals move to foreign shores, it is very difficult to establish a new career. The home turf offers so many advantages of infrastructure, support of a well-known network of known people, the comfort of language and culture amongst others. They have to start from scratch, and face many difficulties, brave odds till they meet success.

                                      Dr. Ziyath Ansari has proved that doctors can establish themselves successfully overseas.

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