domain name acquired for $80,000 by Niklas Meinert

Niklas Meinert
Niklas Meinert

Niklas Meinert, a domain investor from Germany, is likely behind the purchase of the domain name, which was acquired in the third quarter of 2021 for USD $80,000 through a private company. While at first the total value of this transaction was undisclosed, it is now believed to have been revealed due to of a recent filing by the seller. This ranks as one of the higher domain movers in recent time.

Although high-priced domain sales aren’t a rare occurrence anymore, it is still fascinating to see these high-tier domains change hands. Especially because with it often come exciting new start-up ideas. Is this also happening here? We’ve reached out to Meinert but have yet to receive a response. In the meantime, we can only speculate and hope the domain gets put to good use.

Niklas Meinert
Niklas Meinert

So, what information have we been able to gather so far? Right now, it is still unsure what the purpose behind this domain acquisition may have been. At the time of publication, however, the DNS behind this domain has been edited and now points to a password-protected site. This typically means the website is actively being worked on, so we have high hopes for the future of this domain. (Read our update at the bottom of this article for more information on this.)

It’ll be fascinating to see, whether whatever business is built on top of the domain can result in a profit greater than the hefty cost associated with the domain acquisition, if at all. It may very well be just a calculated move at acquiring an asset that’ll be housed in the rapidly expanding portfolio of Meinert, until a new buyer is found. Earlier this year we have reported on, a prime example of exactly this sequence. In that case, Meinert bought the rather unremarkable domain at an auction for USD $1,100 and later sold the domain after just 6 months for an undisclosed amount that was likely somewhere in the low five figures.

Only the future will tell if he struck gold again with his latest purchase. Though if we have learned anything in the last few months, it is that anything is possible, especially when it comes to digital assets, which have seen a meteoric rise throughout the pandemic and possibly beyond.

Whether the unprecedented boom, the domain industry has seen over the past few months, can keep going well into the future, is yet to be determined. The only thing that is known, is that in 2021 we have reached record-highs for all digital assets, including domains, and there is no sign of it slowing down anytime soon.

UPDATE: Upon further research, it is believed that will be part of a creator-marketplace website, at least that’s what the newly set up waitlist on a subdomain (source: reveals. Influencer marketing has seen massive growth in the last decade and almost certainly has yet to reach its full potential. We’re looking forward to seeing whether the vision behind the domain pans out the way Meinert intended it to.


If you want to keep up with the project, you can join their waitlist at

You can also check their homepage for updates at:

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