Ivacy VPN – What makes an award winning VPN stand out?

After a number of futile attempts to find a workable VPN, I find myself so lucky to have landed on the official web platform of Ivacy VPN on a usual day. As a groundbreaking innovation, Ivacy made its appearance in 2007. There are many good reasons as to why you can trust Ivacy VPN with your eyes closed. Let’s check out how Ivacy satisfy the criteria outlined earlier: 

Military grade encryption 

What mainly keeps Ivacy ahead of its rivals is 256 bit AES encryption key. This simply means that hackers and sniffers cannot get the slightest clue about your activities as you are busy cheering your online gaming fun. A 256 bit key is too sophisticated to be guessed. With your identity and location perfectly masked, you can have endless fun in your personal cyberspace. 


As mentioned before, most of the VPNs in the market leave the subscribers helpless during the temporary service failures. As soon as a gamer loses the connection to its VPN, it is likely to open the door for a predator due to the absence of encrypted tunnel. Here again Ivacy VPN excels with its innovative feature termed as “Kill-Switch” that doesn’t take a moment to disable your internet connection as soon as your VPN temporarily  faints for any reason. A feature like this shows how Ivacy goes out of its way to perfectly safeguard your privacy. 

True No-logging 

If you want to have a true experience of unadulterated zero-logging policy, subscribe for none other than Ivacy VPN. Ivacy does not keep any part of your information exchanged over the network in its records. The only data that it keeps in its logs is your user name. Hence, you leave no traces to be found for any crafty hacker or sniffer. Even the government or regulatory authorities won’t be able to retrieve the information about your online activities upon request due to the fact that nothing remains as the part of Ivacy’s history in any traceable form.  

400+ high-speed servers 

Whereas majority of providers protect you at the cost of your internet connection, Ivacy VPN lets you enjoy smooth connectivity thanks to its bundle of high speed servers. Ivacy VPN features 400+ servers to let the subscribers feel empowered. Obviously, if you are uncomfortable with one server, you can easily switch to another rather than pulling out your hair in frustration. Here it is worth mentioning that Ivacy has the honor of being awarded as the “Fastest VPN” for 2019 edition of BestVPN award show. This simply means that you can enjoy your online gaming uninterruptedly with VPN taking care of your protection without letting your connection feel its presence. 

Bypassing geo-blocks made extremely simple 

Geo-blocks are irksome for a majority of online gaming lovers. For some diehard addicts of online gaming, it is hard to bear the thought of getting their favorite game banned in their country. Then, it is hard to fathom the frustration of gamers who happen to visit the countries shadowed by strict internet censorship policies like China to name only one. However, you can avoid being one among those unfortunate gamers if you are wise enough to equip your device with Ivacy VPN. From its exhaustive list of IPs, you can choose the address from where you want to appear online. Faking of location in this way will give you access to games that are accessible at the chosen location though they might be restricted at your actual geo-location. 

Let’s suppose you are a US citizen who is currently in China for any particular reason. As you try to access your favorite game, a notification pops out intimating you about the geo-block imposed on that game by the Chinese government. If you are an Ivacy VPN subscriber, it is no thunderbolt for you as you can easily navigate to the server list of Ivacy VPN and choose an IP address from United States. In this way, you can pretend as though you were connected to internet from United States. It goes without saying that now you can access your cherished video game without appearing on the radar of the Chinese regulators. 

High compatibility 

Now-a-days, games are available for every internet-supported device under the sun be it PC, laptop, smartphone, tablets, iPhone, consoles, or any other. This universal support of video gaming also necessitates for VPN to offer the same level of compatibility. Ivacy VPN allows its users to stay logged in to the same account on multiple devices within a loop simultaneously. Waoo! Its high compatibility contributes a lot to its user-friendly way of serving its valued family of customers. Multi-login policy combined with universal compatibility makes Ivacy an economical choice, too by eliminating the need for subscribing with a different provider for each device. 

Ridiculously low pricing 

After realizing how Ivacy VPN can change your life, your educated guess about its pricing may fairly exceed what it actually costs. Yes, despite unconquerable protection and feature-rich portfolio, Ivacy VPN takes pride in its dirt-cheap pricing. You can avail its two-yearly plan at a cost as low as only $2.25 per month. If you like, you can easily go with some shorter term plans such as yearly and even a monthly package within highly affordable price range. 

Money-back guarantee 

To maintain its credibility and give you better reasons to place trust upon its claims, Ivacy goes as far as to offer you a 7 day money-back guarantee. If you feel your experience does not meet your expectations, feel free to abandon and get your money back. This makes complete sense, especially if it is going to be your first experience with a VPN provider.

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