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Ivacy’s Call to Arms against Coronavirus

Ivacy VPN has recently launched a campaign against Coronavirus where all the users will be given a 10 percent discount. On top of that, users can gift an Ivacy subscription to their loved ones so they can stay connected to the world digitally, especially in this time of real-life isolation.

The news came in today in the form of a blog post where Ivacy VPN advised users how they can work safely from their homes through remote connections using a VPN. During these times, most of the employees are working from their homes so the spread of COVID-19 could be controlled. But due to security measures from businesses and corporations, not all users are able to access secure networks. These issues are hampering the office feel and badly affecting an employee’s productivity levels. 

Keeping this in sight, Ivacy VPN also stressed how its dedicated IP can help employees and workers connect from any place remotely and securely access the restricted networks, thus being able to attain maximum efficiency. Ivacy has also shared tips with users how they can set-up VPN from their homes so they can work remotely without any hiccups. 

The brand also addressed pain points of unemployed users or kids who focus more on streaming and how Ivacy can help them browse and stream securely throughout this chaotic period.

We asked Sharyn, CS Manager of Ivacy the idea behind it and on top of it being Ivacy’s corporate social and ethical responsibility he also added, “these are hard times and we’re doing what we can to bring a positive change. We asked our team how we can help users in this dark time and the answer was unanimous, that we can offer users a platform for remote work.”

But that’s not the only thing Ivacy is proposing. “We also thought about the kids and the adults who are totally in seclusion right now and streaming media is their only source of entertainment at the moment,” said Khan, “so we wanted to extend a hand to those users as well.”

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