John Onanuga charts out a new path for digital entrepreneurship

John Onanuga
John Onanuga

A 24-year-old dynamic entrepreneur John Onanuga has successfully added an entirely new dimension to the digital world. With the increase in technological advancements, digital entrepreneurship is facing new challenges day by day. John Onanuga recognised the need of the hour and created a unique business that guides people on online income generation to achieve their goals and gain financial freedom.

John Onanuga has through his foresight and vision created a business that is a unique recipe for success. He believes that for a successful business, the behind-the-scenes work is the most important. John invested in financial markets and built his business from scratch.

John was born in Queens and raised in Long Island, New York. He had the seeds of entrepreneurship sown in his fertile mind right from the early days. In 2019, he started work, but was always on the look out to supplement his income by additional sources of earning. He was keen on achieving financial independence which a regular job could not offer and would limit. In 2019, itself, he learnt about trading and network marketing. This was the break he had been waiting for, and he grabbed the opportunity to establish his own business. A young business owner at just 24 years of age set John Onanuga on the path of success. 

John Onanuga
John Onanuga

It is often seen that opportunities arise and entrepreneurs are unable to recognise it or they underutilize it, resulting in failed ventures. John did not do that. He recognized business opportunities and turned them to his advantage. His organization is aptly named Behind the Flash. John wishes to educate his team and the masses on what goes behind the glitz and glamour of a successful business. He endeavours to show them the sweat and the toil, the hard work and dedication. His focus while educating his team is to show them the process of achieving results rather than just the result by itself. 

John devises ways and means of generating consistent sources of income for his clients. He advises them on investments in cryptocurrency and foreign exchange. Through his expert guidance, people have benefitted and generated good income for themselves. John’s guidance has helped create successful entrepreneurs and business leaders. He backs up his consultancy by live trading sessions and calls with his clients.

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