Meet Jakkah , The Versatile Musical Artist on the Rise

Versatile Musical Artist on the Rise
Versatile Musical Artist on the Rise

There’s a prolific, hard-hitting young artist on the rise and he’s ready to be known. Just turning 18, Jakkah is already sitting atop an impressive discography representing multiple genres and a broad variety of content. As a lyricist, Jakkah reigns with his mature grasp of the human experience and the vocabulary to express it. Whether spinning a tale or claiming his spot on the top tier of the game, his words flow clear, rhyme-wise, and inspire listeners without succumbing to common traps like fillers, profanity, or redundancy.

Versatile Musical Artist on the Rise
     Jakkah Musical Artist 

His latest album, JUJU, is 15 tracks of genius heavily influenced by Brooklyn’s drill style and Pop Smoke. After hearing “Welcome to the Party,” he says, he became a fan of Smoke’s dark sound. From the first track to last, JUJU hits hard—never misses. Jakkah delivers the drill with precision and compliments it with melodic moments that surprise and satisfy. Listeners let this one play and replay on an endless loop.

Jakkah’s musical mastery spans genres from rap to R&B to pop-punk with uncommon ease. His ability to produce hit after hit in multiple genres means this young artist is here to stay.

The master of his music, Jakkah dives deep into the creative process from writing and recording to mixing and mastering. He also appreciates a good collaboration and features with fellow up-and-coming artists throughout his work.

Jakkah isn’t going anywhere but up. He’s the real deal and is sure to withstand the whims of time and trends for years to come. Find his music on all streaming platforms and follow him on Instagram (@jakkaah) to keep up with this artist’s fast-paced rise.

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