Megan Skye establishes a strong online presence as a young successful model.

Megan Skye

The social media landscape has changed the way industries are viewed and noticed. This includes the fashion industry too. Big names and top models now have a huge online presence that increases their visibility, popularity, and fan and follower base. The fashion, beauty, and make-up industry rely heavily on Instagram and other social media accounts to enhance their presence and appeal. Megan Skye is a name that has taken the fashion world by storm. This young model has a strong online presence. Megan Skye is today reckoned as a young, leading name in the modeling world. This Australian fashion model is a well-known social media influencer and entrepreneur too. She grew up in Adelaide and went on to graduate in advertising marketing and graphic design. She started her career as a graphic designer. After that, she moved on to pursue a career in acting and modeling. 

Megan Skye
                                                                      Megan Skye

As an entrepreneur, she has founded “Bloominflora” which is a unique online plant nursery. She has authored a popular book “Shadows in the wall.” Post the completion of an advanced course in acting, she participated in “Who wants to be a supermodel?” After this contest, Megan Skye was signed on for assignments with reputed brands like House of Vimm, Keoana Bikini, Clean Tea, Lama Dreads, Ace of Something, Mitsubishi, Fanta, Toyota, and many more.

After acquiring a lot of name and fame as a model, in 2008, Megan decided to pursue a career in acting. She starred in a famous Australian movie titled – “Hey Hey It’s Esther BlueBurger.” After this movie, she starred in other popular movies such as – Look Both Ways, Wolf Creek and as a body doubles in The Boys are Back.

Megan continues to promote reputed apparel and fashion brands as a successful social media influencer.

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