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Not a Good News, Netflix will not be available on Samsung Devices.

Netflix has improved its features and functions, so that older devices can’t keep up with these advances. Netflix has announced that some Smart TVs won’t be updated to Netflix’s latest app version, which has surely caused angry viewers!

Checkout Netflix support for details.

Samsung said that many of its older Smart TV systems are not designed to accommodate Netflix’s latest features and that it would not be able to provide support for certain smart TV devices from 1st December.

Not just Samsung!

So the updates affect many more older Smart televisions and not only Samsung TVs. The great part is, though, that you do not have to have a new TV, but you can choose to see Netflix on your TV with many standalone streaming services on the market like, for example, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV.

Such services range from $40 to $120 and offers various apps including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and HBO Now. All you have to do now is plug the unit into the HDMI port of your TVs and wait!

Netflix Geo Restrictions

Apart from the TV device support unavailability Netflix due to its content agreement has blocked major titles, movies and series from other regions apart from US. We recommend using a VPN that supports and unblock Netflix regions.

Not just Netflix, As Apple TV+ recently launched and Disney+ is also just about to launch, it is expected that more sophisticated devices will be needed for these platforms and more Smart TVs will become outdated.

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