Pacific country Nauru breaks ties with Taiwan and joins China.

Pacific country Nauru breaks ties with Taiwan and joins China.

According to a government post on social media, the South Pacific nation of Nauru has declared it is severing diplomatic ties with Taiwan and will instead recognize China. Pacific country Nauru breaks ties with Taiwan and joins China.

In a national address published on the official Facebook page on Monday, President David Adeang declared “the Nauru government’s decision to recognize the People’s Republic of China.””In the best interests” of the nation and its people, the Nauruan government stated it was pursuing a complete reestablishment of diplomatic relations with China.

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It further stated that it would “immediately sever diplomatic relations” with Taiwan and “cease all official exchanges and relations” with the country.

“This modification is not meant to have any impact on our existing cordial relations with other nations,” the government of Nauru said in a statement.

“As a sovereign and independent nation, Nauru desires to preserve amicable relations with other nations.”

In response to the change, Taiwan terminated diplomatic ties with Nauru “to protect our national dignity,” according to Deputy Foreign Minister Tien Chung-Kwang of Taiwan.

China asserts that Taiwan is its territory and has no right to state-to-state relations with China; Taiwan vehemently opposes this claim. China applauds the ruling.

The small nation in the Pacific Islands has become the first diplomatic ally of Taiwan to renounce Taiwan in Beijing since the presidential election on Saturday.

As anticipated, Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) candidate William Lai Ching-te won the election and will assume office on May 20.

Prior to the election, Lai was labelled a hazardous separatist by China.

Following Nauru’s announcement, China expressed its appreciation and welcome for the Nauruan government’s decision to sever diplomatic ties with Taiwan on Monday, as stated by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Chinese government is prepared to commence a fresh phase of diplomatic ties with Nauru in accordance with the principle of one China, according to a statement from the ministry.

After the action taken by Nauru, Taiwan now has a mere twelve diplomatic allies that acknowledge the island’s sovereignty, which consists of the Marshal Islands, Guatemala, Paraguay, Palau, and Eswatini (formerly Swaziland).

Taiwan and China have initiated a diplomatic contestation with the aim of enticing Pacific region allies with substantial aid packages and support in the fields of agriculture and education.

Taiwan severed diplomatic ties with Nauru, a nation, after seventeen years, in July 2002. However, relations between the two nations improved in 2005 when Nauru reverted to Taiwan.

The island microstate, which has a population of 12,500 and is located approximately 4,000 kilometers (2,500 miles) northeast of the Australian city of Sydney, is one of the smallest countries in the globe.

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