Pakistani humanitarian shipments for Gaza’s besieged population reach Cairo.

Pakistani humanitarian shipments for Gaza's besieged population reach Cairo.

Pakistani humanitarian shipments for Gaza’s besieged population reach Cairo. An NDMA-delivered Pakistan humanitarian assistance aircraft has touched down in Al-Arish, Egypt, transporting 90 tonnes of relief supplies and medical aid.

“Pakistan Ambassador delivered aid to the Egyptian Red Crescent Society for onward delivery to Gaza, Palestine,” the NDMA stated in a tweet.

Israel-Hamas conflict: Pakistan has no plans to deploy its army to Gaza.

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Foreign Office Spokesperson Mumtaz Zahra Baloch clarified that Pakistan has no intention of sending forces to Palestine and reaffirmed the country’s steadfast support for the Palestinian cause.

She stated that Pakistan has no intention of deploying personnel to Palestine amid the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

A spokesperson for the FO conveyed grave concern regarding the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza that Israel has exacerbated.

“Pakistan remains committed to upholding the Palestinians’ right to self-determination,” the statement added that Pakistan adopted a steadfast position on the Gaza crisis and advocated for the rights and dignity of the Palestinian people at an Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) meeting.

She emphasized that the interim foreign minister engaged in significant deliberations with their Saudi counterpart while on a diplomatic visit to Saudi Arabia.

The discussions were centered on the urgent issue of Gaza as Pakistan endeavors to establish a regional consensus supporting a peaceful resolution.

The spokesperson emphasized, “Pakistan seeks peace in the Middle East,” reiterating Pakistan’s commitment to fostering stability and harmony.

The Pakistani government has deployed a specialized aircraft to Gaza to exhibit its support for Palestine, laden with critical humanitarian provisions. In addition to blankets, tents, and medical supplies, the aid bundle comprises daily necessities to alleviate the Palestinian people’s suffering.

The FO spokesperson demanded that the Israeli bombardment of Gaza cease immediately and that the restrictions that have suffocated the region be lifted.

A spokesperson for Pakistan stated, “Pakistan enthusiastically supports all efforts to establish a ceasefire in Gaza.”

To optimize the distribution of humanitarian aid, Pakistan’s contributions to Palestine shall be channeled via Egypt. Medications, food, tents, and interpreters are included in this substantial 100-ton aid package, which is intended to meet the immediate requirements of the affected population.

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