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Perfecting Your Windows Privacy with the Decorative Glass Papers

Aslam Bala Plastic has been a leading supplier & installer of film for windows since 1984.

This Karachi, Pakistan base Business is proud to offer a nationwide delivery service and a full range of window films that offer solutions for privacy, heat, glare, UV rays as well as designer and decorative glass papers. Their increasing range of innovative products and state of the art equipment means they are perfectly placed to help, whatever your requirements.

Window Films can be used to combat a wide spectrum of glass related issues, and Aslam Bala Plastic supply and fit a comprehensive range. Solar films to avoid excess heat, safety window films and security films for added protection, bomb-blast film, privacy window films and frosted films, to give your windows privacy, all available in a range of finishes and grades. For those looking for a stylish new look for your home or office glazing, Aslam Bala Plastic also offer a number of frosted films for windows to obscure glass as well as stunning range of designer films for your windows.

Aslam Bala Plastic also specialise in the design, supply and installation of glass manifestation, helping you with glass safety awareness, and to ensure your glazing complies with the latest Health and Safety legislation. From a completely bespoke design solution to pre-designed options, Aslam Bala Plastic are the place to come for all your glass manifestation requirements.

Reflective films to combat heat, specialist UV films to guard against fading, frosted window films and solid vinyls for privacy, and sheets for decorative purposes; whatever your glass related issue, from bathroom window film to office space, the Aslam Bala Plastic can help.

Take a look at their window film inspiration gallery to find out more about the various kind of installation projects they have successfully completed, with both standard designs and bespoke window films.

Take your bathroom window, for example. Choose an easy to apply obscure window film, a window tinting film or a frosted glass decorative film and transform your glass with a film that is as quick to install as any adhesive vinyl frosting. Using a glass window film is a great alternative to having net curtains and blinds in some rooms, as fabric window coverings can attract and trap dust and dirt very easily, but you can simply wipe clean our decorative window films.

Conservatory roof solar window films to combat excess heat and glare, which can often result in conservatories becoming unusable. An installation of specialist solar control film by Aslam Bala Plastic can ensure that your conservatory is a comfortable place to spend time all year round. We have a number of window films to keep your conservatory cool, including window film for both polycarbonante conservatory roofs and film for glass conservatory roofs.

View Their entire catalog now visit their online store now.

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