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Pornhub joker searches emerge from the record breaking debut

Joker is an out-of- the-gate box office success, with its debut this past weekend smashing the October record originally set by Sony’s Spider-Man Venom. The DC villain only succeeded in beating the launch of the Justice League, coming in at half the budget. At the moment, most viewers are unable to get enough, and some even turn to Pornhub for an alternate fix.

With his role as Arthur Fleck in Joker, Joaquin Phoenix is attracting some big Oscars hype, but another group of fans is considering an alternate way to celebrate the long-standing DC super villain.

This news comes as Joker is still making big waves in the box office to become a major blockbuster hit. As of October 6th, the film has earned $96.2 million in domestic box office and another $152.2 globally for a gross of $248.4 million. So it’s no surprise why search engines are seeing a tidal wave-sized increase in numbers.

As far as Pornhub is concerned, according to their monitoring figures, there have been more than 741,000 searches concerning Joker’s work in the first 4 days of its theater release. The largest spike hit last Sunday, with 291,628 searches for a lewd take on the Clown Prince of Crime. And there have been more than a few adult-themed parodies featuring a smiling criminal mastermind.

This is expected to happen. According to Pornhub sources, when a comic book movie enters theatres, they found similar search habits. Since Suicide Squad was on the big screen in 2016, DC Comics audiences were not necessarily looking for Jared Leto’s Joker to widen the horizons. In the case of the first Warner Bros release by Margot Robbie, however, they were more interested in Joker’s since the emancipated friend Harley quinn.

At the time, Harley Quinn’s version of Margot Robbie is still the most popular character in movies and video games on the website for adults.

There is no clear pornographic parody of Joaquin Phoenix’s version of Joker as yet. But there are a number of alternatives. There are a lot of other DC Comics parodies that can be found in part or in whole. This story was brought to our attention for the first time at TMZ. Joker is still in theaters, and he’s going to the box office for a second stellar weekend. And Birds of Prey is sure to cause another quest of Pornhub to sugre when it comes to theaters next year.

Written by Bryan Chole

Bryan Chole, born and raised in the New Orleans, LA, was a freelance writer before shifting permanently to entertainment blogging where he now works at a SaaS-based company. He loves blogging about movies, shows, Netflix, streaming hacks and everything related to entertainment.

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