Sam Asghari discusses the Britney Spears family intervention.

Sam Asghari discusses the Britney Spears family intervention.

Sam Asghari discusses the Britney Spears family intervention. After the pop star’s family prepared an intervention for her, Sam Asghari stated that Britney Spears is “in complete charge of her life.”

On Thursday, the actor said definitively that the “intervention did not occur,” though he did not deny that such a plot had existed.

In a statement to “Access Hollywood,” Asghari, now 28, claimed, “My wife is in complete charge of her life and will continue to make all decisions surrounding her care regardless of circumstances.”

He said, “Speculation on her health is improper and should be halted immediately.”

According to an Instagram post by Spears, “it makes me sick to my stomach that it’s even legal for people to make up stories that I almost died,” she disputed that she needed an intervention.

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Then she said, “there’s certainly a lot of people who don’t wish me well!!!” and that she had to quit posting on Instagram, even if she’s doing “the best she can.”

After Page Six reported that Spears’ loved ones were planning an intervention for Tuesday out of concern for her health, her former trainer issued a hazy clarification.

According to reporting, Asghari, Spears’ manager, an interventionist, and doctors planned to seclude the 41-year-old “Toxic” singer in a Los Angeles mansion for two months to encourage her to get help.

An anonymous source revealed in an exclusive Page Six report that the intervention was scrapped because it was judged “unnecessary.”

“Britney is OK, and most of this has been overdone and twisted,” our source said. “Unfortunately, there is a lot of hysteria in the media right now.”

It is unknown whether Spears visited a therapist or a physician for her Wednesday appointment, but it apparently “went well.”

There were reportedly concerns for Spears’ mental health relating to a pharmaceutical issue.

Even as news of what might have happened to the “Crossroads” actress spread like wildfire, her husband continued to share Instagram photos and videos from his day as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. He filmed himself walking the red carpet and working out at the gym. Additionally, he had uploaded a video the day before showing himself and Spears shopping at Target, where the pop star appeared to be in high spirits.

In January, Spears’s safety came under scrutiny after fans were seen on camera invading her personal space at a restaurant, prompting her to become irate.

After Spears suddenly deleted their Instagram, her fans contacted the authorities to check her health.

However, cops told Page Six that Spears was safe and that “We don’t talk about any mental health issues or anything like that.”

Spears afterward went back to Twitter to insist there was no breakdown.

So be it. Not having a nervous breakdown here… In any case, I have accepted myself and am making progress in my life. I’ve never been healthier in my life!!!” She added that her supporters had overreacted by phoning the police and that the whole thing had left her feeling “gaslit and bullied.”

While she appreciates her fandom, she feels that this incident was an invasion of her privacy.

The star’s emotional well-being has been scrutinized for a long time. Following the termination of a conservatorship that had lasted for 13 years and triggered the “Free Britney” movement in November 2021, her father, Jamie Spears, regained complete control of her personal and financial affairs.

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