Simone Etere’s flamboyant Personality Ruling Instagram

Having a million followers on social media does not mean achievement and for many a distant dream. For influencer, artist, and fitness coach Simone Etere, this is his moment of glory after a long period of struggle. Recently Simone revealed his journey to success and what kept him motivated and going.

Simone Etere is an Instagram celebrity, an international model who has represented famous brands such as Puma, Gillette, and Lanistar. With over a million followers, Simone knows the power of his appeal and uses it judiciously. “Before accepting the proposals, I see the brand to understand what my followers might be interested in. But beyond that, I look at the quality it offers, because I don’t propose poor brands to my followers,” says Simone.

Born in Italy, Simone is a personal trainer for Calisthenics, having fallen in love with it at the young age of eleven, and today follows the industry closely with networking. His fans all over the world also get to see the latest tips and advice to keep fit. He offers calisthenics courses in Umbria, has worked with over ten brands, and is looking forward to more collaborations, such as with hotels and resorts across the US. Due to his talent, Simone has collaborated with individuals and groups from all over the world, from the Canary Islands to Sweden and then Italy. On Instagram he is famous with the name “s17ne” which has a great meaning for him. S17NE combines his name, Simone, with his date of birth, but it also has a deeper meaning. The number “17” has a close connection with God: 7 are the gifts of the Holy Spirit and 10 are the Commandments.

He has practiced sports since he was a child, he loves discovering new places and bringing his passion into his worldwide collaborations.

Thanks to his determination and great ambition, he has been called to collaborate with many brands, wearing and advertising their garments, including the well-known sports brand Puma, American Tourister, and recently the well-known brand “Gillette”, Along with these collaborations, Simone also takes care of other things; he was in fact involved in other works, such as advertising resorts and hotels internationally, for example recently he was in the Grand Hotel Fasano in Lago di Garda and in the Hotel Ariston in Paestum.
He works a lot with Instagram, with over 1,400,000 followers who support him on his journey.He Surely Deserves All attention he is getting. follow him on instagram for his amazing Content @s17ne

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