Smash Mouth Founding Singer Steve Harwell Passes Away at Age 56

Smash Mouth Founding Singer Steve Harwell Passes Away at Age 56

Smash Mouth Founding Singer Steve Harwell Passes Away at Age 56. On January 6, 2001, the late Smash Mouth vocalist Steve Harwell welcomed his son Presley Scott Harwell.

A few months later, his son tragically passed away, and now admirers want to know what transpired.

Who was singer Steve Harwell of Smash Mouth?

Steven Scott Harwell was a singer born in Santa Clara, California, on January 9, 1967. Along with Kevin Coleman, Greg Camp, and Paul De Lisle, he was arguably best known for founding the rock ensemble Smash Mouth.

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Steve and Paul were the only two ensemble members to remain constant for many years.

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Steve retired from music in 2021 to concentrate on his mental and physical health, leaving Paul as the only active original member.

What happened to Presley, Steve Harwell’s son?

Steve and his wife, Michelle Laroque, welcomed their son Presley in January 2001.

According to Billboard, seven months later, on July 28, their infant perished of complications from acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL).

Presley fell ill a few days before his death and was transported to Sunrise Children’s Hospital in Las Vegas while Smash Mouth performed in Minot, North Dakota.

Steve returned home to be with his family while the band remained and played the show; however, after learning that Presley had passed away, they canceled their remaining engagements.

According to the Mayo Clinic, ALL is the most prevalent form of childhood cancer, and it occurs when a bone marrow cell acquires DNA mutations.

It is unknown what causes ALL DNA mutations, but risk factors include previous cancer treatment, exposure to radiation, and genetic disorders.

What transpired with Steve?

Since departing Smash Mouth, Steve has maintained a relatively low profile throughout his career.

In September 2023, however, it was discovered that his health had deteriorated, and he once again dominated the news.

A manager for the 56-year-old rock icon informed TMZ on September 3 that he had entered hospice care and was in the final stages of liver failure.

The news arrives just two years after Steve appeared disoriented during a live performance shortly before his retirement announcement.

Over the years, Steve had been diagnosed with numerous conditions, including liver failure. According to the publication above, he had also endured cardiomyopathy, heart failure, and Wernicke’s encephalopathy.

On September 4 of the same year, it was reported that Steve had died of hepatic failure.

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