Steve Sarkisian expresses gratitude to Nick Saban for changing my professional existence

Steve Sarkisian expresses gratitude to Nick Saban for changing my professional existence

Steve Sarkisian expresses gratitude to Nick Saban for changing my professional existence. This past weekend’s victory by Texas over Alabama was accompanied by numerous narratives and fanfare, including the attainment of head coach Steve Sarkisian over his former supervisor and mentor Nick Saban.

Saban recruited Sarkisian as an analyst in 2016, following a turbulent period in Sarkisian’s life. He was fired from USC after reportedly showing up to multiple practices and a game drunk. After the victory on Saturday, Sarkisian thanked Saban profusely.

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“I just continue to thank Coach Saban because he put me in an environment where I was simultaneously changing my personal and professional life,” said Sarkisian. How he conducts his business is unparalleled. Because of how he teaches his life, the discipline and accountability in that program begin with him. He has nothing to show for himself. What he expects of the members of that organization is identical to what he expects of himself.”

As Sarkisian endeavored to adjust his own life, he recognized an opportunity. His tale did not need to conclude in disgrace.

Had Saban not taken a chance on him, Sarkisian would have been out of football for much longer. At the time that Saban hired him, he was considered relatively noxious.

All of this serves to persuade Sarkisian that he can pay it forward.

One of the things he’s attempted to do in his program is to use his mistakes to illustrate the transience of any given state in life. You can alter something if you so choose.

“I’m extremely open with my players,” stated Sarkaris. “I believe that my story, path, and journey should serve as an inspiration to a large number of people.”

With Texas back on the national radar significantly after Saturday’s victory, the platform for Sarkisian and the Longhorns is about to grow significantly.

That will not eliminate problems, however. It will not eliminate difficulties.

Consequently, replicating Sarkisian’s remarkable turnaround can be a source of honor for anyone in a struggling program.

“And I know that I can be a sounding board for our players who deal with various issues, whether personal, domestic, or otherwise,” Sarkisian said. If you’re willing to put in the work and effort and surround yourself with decent people, you can change how things are tomorrow.

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