Tom Brady provides timely motivation to Colorado quarterback Shedeur Sanders before the Nebraska game.

Tom Brady provides timely motivation to Colorado quarterback Shedeur Sanders before the Nebraska game.

Tom Brady provides timely motivation to Colorado quarterback Shedeur Sanders before the Nebraska game. Shedeur Sanders received a text message from a trusted mentor shortly after leading Colorado to a remarkable 45-42 victory at TCU on Saturday.

The mentor was the legendary former NFL quarterback Tom Brady.

His message was elementary:

“Don’t be satisfied.”

He isn’t. After his record-setting performance on Tuesday, the youngest son of Colorado head coach Deion Sanders made this plain.

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Shedeur Sanders made it sound like viewing the game film of his nationally televised masterpiece in Texas was akin to watching a horror film with too many incomplete passes and poor decision-making as the Colorado Buffaloes prepare for their sold-out home opener against Nebraska on Saturday.

Tuesday at a news conference, he remarked, “I feel like I missed a lot of things.” “I could have had greater quantities and similar things. I viewed the event live. After viewing all the negative segments yesterday, it left a bad taste in my mouth. Therefore, I am highly motivated to play a more flawless and superior game.”

How can he improve his performance?

In his first game for Colorado, he set nine school records, including 510 passing yards and an 80.9% completion percentage. He led the 1-11 Buffaloes to a No. 25 ranking in the US LMB Coaches Poll for the first time since the 2020 season was cut short by the pandemic.

Sanders, now 21, has compiled a 71-8 record as a quarterback extending back to high school, including a 23-3 record in two seasons at Jackson State under the direction of his father.

In August, Tim Brewster, the tight ends coach for the Colorado Buffaloes, stated, “We have an elite, elite quarterback.”

Breckinridge would know. Previously, he was an assistant coach for NFL and collegiate teams, including those with star quarterbacks Drew Brees, Jake Plummer, and Jameis Winston. But Deion Sanders pointed out after Saturday’s game that people now believed it when they’re playing at the highest level of college football instead of at Jackson State, which competes at the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) level with fewer resources and talent depth.

It was a derogatory label: Shedeur was a “FCS player” even though he could have joined prominent programs if he had chosen not to play for his father in Jackson, Mississippi.

What occurred and what comes next?

With less than five minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, TCU had a 42-38 lead. Sanders was in a fourth-and-2 situation at the TCU 46-yard line. If the Buffaloes had faltered at this juncture, TCU could have easily won the game.

“In my mind, I’m thinking, ‘Man, it’s fourth-and-2, but I’ve been there before, you know?'” Shedeur Sanders commented. “This is not my first fourth-and-2 situation with the game on the line. So I’m saying, “Okay, play the call.” That is all. If this is not present, the play should be extended. Take action to make it happen.”He did so by taking the snap from a shotgun and locating Dylan Edwards open near the line of scrimmage. Edwards then raced to the left for a touchdown, which helped put Colorado in the lead for good, 45-42.

Sanders threw his fourth touchdown pass of the contest.

Now comes Nebraska, Colorado’s former Big Eight and Big 12 rival.

Shedeur Sanders stated, “We simply know the history of Colorado; we don’t like Nebraska, plain and simple.”

With another impressive performance, he will continue to rise in other discussions, such as whether he is a Heisman Trophy contender and will turn pro after his solitary season in Boulder. In the interim, he will continue to observe the advice provided by Brady after the game. 

“It was cool hearing from him and knowing he’s still watching,” Shedeur Sanders said. “Working with him helped me realize I should not dwell on the positives. We accomplished it… Concentrate on the negatives.  Concentrate on the tasks we could not perform at a high level.”

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