How Do You Cancel Your Tome AI Subscription?

How Do You Cancel Your Tome AI Subscription?

Do you wish to discontinue the use of Tome AI’s services? This article outlines a method for canceling your Tome AI subscription. 

Tome AI can be provided with any concept you have in your head and will assist you in transforming that idea into a coherent narrative or another project. Utilize this application to generate narratives and presentations. 

By submitting a cancellation request to their customer service team via the Tome AI cancel email, you can terminate your subscription to Tome AI. 

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Tome AI Subscription Pricing Plans

There are three different types of Tome AI membership plans. 

  • The free plan is:  You can first use Tome’s services for free. 
  • Pro Plan: About $8 a month
  • Business Plan: Contact their team at [email protected] to determine how much it costs.

Can Your Tome AI Subscription Be Canceled?

Your Tome AI subscription may be terminated at any time. However, the cancellation will only take effect on the final day of the subscription plan. 

How Do I Cancel My Subscription to Tome AI?

Is it possible for cancel the Tome AI subscription independently? Well!! Such is not feasible. No direct method exists for deactivating a subscription through one’s account. No icon or option corresponding to that will be in your Tome Account. 

Tome AI subscription cancellation is exclusively possible through the support team’s cancellation email address at [email protected]; upon receipt of this email, the subscription will be terminated. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does One Terminate Their Tome AI Account?

At any time, you may request the cancellation of your Tome AI Account by emailing [email protected]

When a Tome AI subscription is canceled, is a refund possible?

No, there is no refund policy for the Tome AI subscription plan, even after the subscription has been canceled. 

Is Tome AI provided free of charge?

The Tome AI is available for free use via its Free Plan. 

How Can Customer Service At Tome AI Be Contacted?

For any inquiries regarding the Tome AI Terms & Conditions, please feel free to reach out to their support staff at [email protected]. Magical Tome, Inc., 512 2nd St, #200, San Francisco, California 94107, should receive your inquiries.


We aim to provide a concise and accurate summary of this article to ensure that your time is well-spent and that you have accurate cancellation details. 

If you encounter difficulties while attempting to cancel your Tome AI subscription, don’t hesitate to contact their customer service.

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