Tomorrowland Festival Travel Guide

Tomorrowland festivals have always been something out of this world and attract people from all across the world. What started as a small event in 2005 catering to 5,000 people has now escalated to almost 200,000 people from around the world. Sadly, only a handful number of individuals get to grab the tickets and make it to Belgium.

Tomorrowland takes place in Boom, Belgium. The festival typically contains 180,000 people over the course of 3 days. Approximately 30,000 of those people camp and if you do manage to get tickets, I suggest you camp as it adds a lot to the party. With 15 stages and over 400 DJs, it is a madhouse.

How to get tickets to Tomorrowland Festival & Tips

If you’re traveling to the Tomorrowland festival, you sure need a ticket. Here’s how:

  1. Pre-registration – You have to be pre-registered. However, it’s not required if you buy the global journey package which includes the flight, accommodation, etc.
  2. Join a Facebook Group – Almost every country has a FB group that specializes in local happenings and informs you regarding the event, acting as a guide.
  3. Plan Ahead – This can be hard for people who like to procrastinate at the last minute but this will prove to be beneficial once you enter the carnival.
  4. Ask Around – Ask a good friend or family member who has visited before or lives in Belgium to help you out with the tickets and arrangements.
  5. Be patient and Act Fast – The good tickets go fast so you must stay sharp and signup instantly before you lose the chance.
  6. Do Your Research – Get to know about events, stalls and other happenings so that you can maximize the festival to its fullest.

Tomorrowland Festival Accommodation & Tips

With the festival that goes over 3 to 4 days, accommodation is always going to be a major factor. Honestly, it depends on the type of person you are and what level of comfort you want. You can stay in houses and hotels surrounding the area, but since the festival takes place in a small town, there’s not a wide variety available. However, Tomorrowland does setup a Dream Ville which is the camp site.

The entire fiesta is well setup, and they’ve got barber shops, supermarkets, radio stations, showers, water and everything you can possibly think of so you can relax while enjoying your favorite DJs play their set.

How to get to Tomorrowland Festival

While you need to pay for parking which is 20 euros per day, it gives you that added level of flexibility like if you run out of anything or need to get something, you can drive and get it. Also, after the festival, there’s a huge line for Tomorrowland shuttle buses and extremely exhausted people which just increases tensions.

Tomorrowland is such a great festival that the vibe there is just magical and unexplainable. You’ll have to visit the carnival to experience it. People from all around the world bring their country flags, they dress up and get into the festival. What’s interesting is that you make loads of friends and memories which can never be forgotten. The excitement level is 9000.

While you can choose what to wear, the wrist bands are the major attraction, from lightening to having a built-in feature for adding Facebook friends. So basically you register your Facebook account to your wristband and you can add friends just by touching your wristband with someone else. Isn’t it a pretty cool feature to stay in contact with your Tomorrowland friends?

While Tomorrowland can be expensive for many, it is definitely worth going as it’ll give you a life experience that you can never forget.

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