Toy left by the driver for a man who waved at him on the M6

Toy left by the driver for a man who waved at him on the M6

Toy left by the driver for a man who waved at him on the M6, A family was “left in tears” after a considerate Royal Mail driver left a gift for a crippled man who frequently waves at traffic. The man waves at cars on a regular basis.

Alex Chesters, 27, who suffers from quadriplegic cerebral palsy, is claimed to be watching from a bridge over the M6 near Stafford, according to his relatives.

A driver who saw him waving left a letter in his handwriting on the toy truck and gave it to him after leaving.

His relatives have expressed an interest in seeing the driver and “shaking his hand.”

After an employee at Royal Mail came across a Facebook post that had received 87,000 likes, Mr. Chesters’ brother, Will, 22, stated that he believed the company was attempting to organize a meeting between the two parties.

Mr. Chesters, who is unable to walk for very long distances, was “crazy with red,” and he and his father, Darren, typically made the trip to the Ash Flats Lane bridge two or three times on a weekly basis.

It was reported by his brother that whenever he sees Royal Mail lorries, he believes that it is Postman Pat.

“He really adores it whenever there is any type of acknowledgment that they’ve spotted him, whether it be a beep from the horn or a flash of the lights.”

On Saturday, when his father and grandma saw the gift, he added, “we were all in tears.”

“Dad… shared it with the family over WhatsApp and said, ‘look at this, I can’t believe it.’ It was quite commendable of him (the driver) to locate the bridge, and it was commendable of him to deviate from his intended route.

“Have a wonderful day,” or something as basic as that, it’s really kind, and it was lovely,” it stated.

In addition, the message stated, “I drive for Royal Mail and see you and your lad regularly. I thought he might enjoy his own [vehicle] since I felt he might like it.”

Will reported that his family had messaged the driver on Facebook and that his brother also enjoyed going to train stations, where they would talk about “Thomas [the Tank Engine] this and Gordon that.”

Alex also participates in other activities, such as going to a farm designed for adults with additional requirements on a weekly basis, where he is given objects to carry.

The following is an excerpt from a statement sent by a spokeswoman for Royal Mail: “We were delighted by this heartwarming act of compassion by one of our staff.

“We have reached out to Alex’s family in order to discuss the possibility of arranging for him to visit a Royal Mail location in order to get a closer look at some of our vehicles,”

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