WBC in India to get a new lease of life through Sam Fernandes

WBC in India
WBC in India

The WBC was a council that was created and supported by 11 countries. This organization is known for sanctioning professional boxing. These countries included – Mexico, France, Argentina, England, United States, Panama, Chile, Peru, Venezuela. The Philippines and Brazil. The WBC’s Cares will herald its new chapter in India and will be headed by film producer Sam Fernandes and Jai Singh Shekhawat – his partner. Jai Singh Shekhawat was given the “promoter of the year” title by WBC Asia boxing.

The focus of the WBC is currently shifting to India to promote this sport. India will be added to its list of new chapters post the formation of WBC Cares in India. The objective that the promoters have set out with is to promote this sport aggressively in India and also lookout for fresh talent.

WBC in India
                                                                    WBC in India

The benefits of boxing are health-related too. It gives the opportunity of improving the metabolism of an individual, increasing fat burn, improving muscle tone, relieving stress, and assisting in strengthening boned and ligaments.

It is to be noted that India has produced world-renowned fine boxers like Mary Kom and Vijender Singh. The Asian and Commonwealth Games always have Indians every year as medal holders.

Sam Fernandes has had a long association with boxing and Bollywood. He operates under the banner of sparrow films. He has marketed and distributed 20 films and has been a producer for 6 of them. He is hopeful that his reputation and influence will help in scouting new talent in the world of boxing. Sam hopes to start the Indian chapter of the World Boxing championship.

WBC Cares is the CSR division of the council and its objective is to assist NGOs at the grassroots level that are working towards various causes.


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