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The Coronavirus pandemic has taken the world by storm. Amongst the many challenges that it has brought for societies and economies across the globe, the most severe has been the closure of businesses with millions of owners and employees being forced to work from home or abandon it completely. While this is important because social distancing and self-isolation is one of the most effective ways to curb the spread of the virus, there are other factors associated with the situation. 

The importance of working from home during the outbreak

The spread of COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus has been unprecedented. It has affected almost every country in the world and threatens to cause massive loss of live and collapse of world economies. This is why it has become imperative to take measures in curtailing the spread of this pandemic. This is why governments are taking initiatives to stop the virus spreading. One of the most effective steps in this regard is to break the chain of infection from person to person through social distancing. 

This is the reason why many countries have gone into complete lockdown and businesses are being forced to carry out their operations from home. Coronavirus is a global pandemic that needs to be contained and all the stakeholders in society have a crucial role to play in this. Businesses, by opting to work from home are becoming the one missing piece in the puzzle that helps to stop the spread of the virus and this it is important. 

The significance of using a VPN

We are in the middle of difficult times and even though most of the businesses have been confined to their homes, the threats to cyberspaces still continues to exist. Having to work outside the office set-up which usually provides network connection services can make many organizations vulnerable to cyberattacks. This is why the use of a VPN has become even more vital. Ivacy VPN for Business is one of the services that has shown an amazing response towards the situation and bolstered its program to cater to increased demand. 


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