YouTube Premium videos on iOS have higher quality than those on Android.

YouTube Premium videos on iOS have higher quality than those on Android.

YouTube Premium videos on iOS have higher quality than those on Android. YouTube recently revealed five brand new features that will be available exclusively to Premium members. However, even though you might have anticipated all of those capabilities to be accessible on Android and iOS platforms, this is not true. Although Android users already pay the same amount as iOS users for the Premium membership, one of the five new features offers improved video quality at a higher resolution of 1080p. Nevertheless, this function is now only available for iOS users.

  1. YouTube Premium accounts can now watch videos in 1080p resolution with a higher bitrate.

YouTube has introduced a new video quality option that is being referred to as “1080p Premium.” According to Google, it features “Enhanced Bitrate,” making videos look “extra crisp and clear.” This effect will be most evident in videos with “plenty of detail and action,” so watch for that. Within a short period, the new video quality option will be available in the iOS app for YouTube alongside the standard 1080p video quality option.

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Although viewing videos in a higher resolution is currently only available on iPhones, Google has stated that it will soon be available on the web as well. Even though there is no information about when it will be available for Android, it will likely be accessible on that platform shortly after. This function could improve the appearance of videos on Samsung mobile devices, particularly smartphones and tablets.

  1. Queuing videos are now available on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

To continue discussing other new features introduced today for Premium customers, the first one enables you to queue videos on your mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet. For example, suppose you have a video playing on your phone and want the app to play another video after the current one finishes playing. In that case, you can add the video to the queue to play automatically when the current one finishes playing. This functionality has been available on the web for some time now.

  1. iOS device users can now watch YouTube videos together using FaceTime.

By utilizing Apple’s SharePlay functionality, the third feature makes it possible for users of the iPhone to watch YouTube videos together while they are on a FaceTime chat. Using Google Meet Live Sharing, this functionality has been available on Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets for some time now.

  1. Pick up the videos you watched where you left off before.

YouTube is also releasing a feature that most users will find quite helpful. Users with a YouTube Premium subscription can resume watching videos from when they stopped watching them before using this option. The fact that it is compatible with a wide variety of devices is undoubtedly the feature’s most appealing aspect. For instance, if you pause a movie on your smartphone while watching it, YouTube will allow you to pick up watching the video from the exact moment on your tablet or television set.

  1. Intelligent Downloads.

The final feature is called “Smart Downloads,” It does exactly what its name suggests: it downloads recommended videos onto your device automatically so that you may watch them even if you unexpectedly lose internet connectivity. Although this feature might be helpful for specific users, it will likely be a storage hogger for those whose devices already have a restricted amount of free space.

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