16-Year-Old Rescues 3 Drowning Teens and 1 Cop as Car Sinks, Says ‘I Can’t Let None of These Folks Die’

16-Year-Old Rescues 3 Drowning Teens and 1 Cop as Car Sinks, Says 'I Can't Let None of These Folks Die'

16-Year-Old Rescues 3 Drowning Teens and 1 Cop as Car Sinks, Says ‘I Can’t Let None of These Folks Die’: On Sunday, a young man from Mississippi ended up being a hero after he pulled four people out of the Pascagoula River and brought them to safety.

When Corion Evans, 16, first witnessed a car drive into the river, there were three persons inside the vehicle. It was 2:30 in the morning.

People report that the Moss Point Police Department stated the driver of the vehicle claimed she was misguided by the GPS directions she was following at the time.

According to WLOX-TV, the vehicle drove 20 feet away from the coast and then started to sink into the river after it had been driven into the water.

They proceeded to drive directly underneath the water. Evans described the situation as “like, barely a little portion of the automobile was still above the water.”

The boy at Pascagoula High School, who had been swimming competitively since he was three years old, did not show any reluctance. The shirt and the shoes were taken off. The phone was discarded, and he jumped into the water without looking back.

“I just remember thinking, ‘I can’t allow any of these people to pass away. They have to get out of the water immediately. Therefore, I just started receiving them,” he explained. “At that very moment, I couldn’t even think about anything else.”

Karon “KJ” Bradley, who was accompanying Evans at the time, assisted in removing the three young women from the truck and placing them on the roof of the vehicle so that Evans could bring them to safety on the shore.

He explained his position by saying, “I was behind them trying to keep them above water and swim with them at the same time.”

Officer Gary Mercer of the Moss Point Police Department responded although he was having trouble maintaining his composure in the water.

“I decided to turn around. Evans responded by saying, “I see the police officer.” “He’s going to drown. He is going underwater, and he is drowning while yelling for help. Evans was able to recall.

“So, I headed over to that location. I went and grabbed the police officer, and then I pretended to swim him back until I felt like I could walk again.

Evans stated that the individuals were seen throwing up because a significant quantity of water had made its way inside of each of them. “Twenty-five yards out, so a lot of swimming was involved,” she said. Following that, my legs felt like lead.

One of the girls that Evans rescued, Cora Watson, wrote in a message on her Facebook page that Evans “saved my life moments before I took my final breath.”

Marquita Evans felt a sense of maternal pride for her kid.

“He wasn’t only thinking about himself, and that made me incredibly proud of Corion,” I said to myself. She explained that he was actively attempting to rescue as many people as possible from the sea. “I’m very thankful that nothing bad occurred to him when he was attempting to save the lives of other people.”

Evans was singled out for praise in a statement issued by Moss Point Chief Brandon Ashley.

“Both the police department and I would like to commend Mr. Evans for the bravery and selflessness he demonstrated when he put himself in harm’s way to assist others who were in peril. If Mr. Evans had not intervened, it is possible that the situation might have ended tragically rather than with all of the inmates being removed safely,” he explained.

According to USA Today, both Evans and Mercer earned commendations from the city on Tuesday. Evans joined Mercer in receiving their respective awards.

Mayor Billy Knight expressed his admiration for the young kid, saying, “We are proud of the young man for having the bravery to forget about himself and jump into the ocean.” It does not happen nearly often enough that people put the needs of others ahead of their own.

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