17% growth witnessed in India’s smartphone market in Q3

17% growth witnessed in India's smartphone market in Q3

We were all locked up for the past many months due to the coronavirus pandemic. Yes, this led to the downfall of every industry as no one could resume their business operations with full technology and employee strength.

But as and as relaxations happened in lockdown restrictions, slowly did every industry try to recover from the losses that were incurred, and eventually, we are right now moving towards a growth phase.

Why and how do we say so? Well, a recent report of the smartphone market industry says that the Indian smartphone market shipment increased by 17% in the September market.

54.3 million units in the September quarter were shipped despite there was a decline noticed in markets like China and the US during the same duration. This is another case when it can be said that the smartphone market of India will witness a low single-digit year-on-year decline after many years of yearly growth.

17% growth witnessed in India's smartphone market in Q3

A study by IDC says that “India was the only smartphone market in the top three to witness growth as both China and the US markets declined year-over-year (yo-y) in Q3 2020 (July-September 2020)”.Want to know the reason behind this? Well, now as the festive season is nearing, everyone wants to spread cheers and happiness in their and others’ lives by gifting some technology products, and hence, the increase in demand and stocking drove the high number of shipments.Don’t be surprised if we say that Xiaomi is leading the smartphone industry with a 25% share of the September quarter shipment. It is followed by Samsung (22.3 percent), Vivo (16.7 percent), Realme (14.7 percent), and Oppo (11.3 percent). Keep your hearts controlled as it is really difficult to believe the total number of feature phones that were shipped in the September quarter. It is nothing less than 25 million feature phones that were shipped during this period.

So, log on to your favorite shopping website and gift one smartphone to your loved one, and enjoy the beautiful moments of the upcoming festival.

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