20-year-old international award-winning family office consulting firm, Pepper International, sets up family offices globally

Carol Pepper
Carol Pepper

The award-winning Pepper International, believes in a global work approach. It is focussed, impactful, collaborative and uses intelligent solutions for its clients. It also maintains strict confidentiality. Carol from Pepper International, lays strong emphasis on integrity and being truthful in all its’ client dealings. This in her opinion makes ones a very impactful leader. There may be certain circumstances when one has to revise their outlook as the situation evolves, but the clients must be kept in the loop and the ring of communication must be completely transparent. The words and actions must be in sync and harmony should emerge from the business activities of the company.

Carol Pepper
                      Carol Pepper

As a company Pepper International, has been in the business of family office consulting for 20 years and helps in setting up family offices globally.  It facilitates activity for select SFOs by acting as the External Chief Investment Officer. Carol has the distinction of having set up Single Family offices in five continents. She is instrumental in helping families define their 100-year goals and transition smoothly between generations. Since the 1990’s she has been ab impact investor on behalf of her clients. She facilitates bonding and contact between like-minded families for direct investments.

Carol places confidentiality and competence high on her list of work priorities as a professional advisor. She advocates the formation of a core group of advisors for each family and whom they can trust completely. These advisors can help solve their problems effectively. She says each problem comes with lessons learnt. The decisions taken after challenges are faced squarely usually guarantee better results. Carol instructs and guides her clients on how to cope with changes. The rate of change is ever evolving and changing according to her.

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