25 Fake Love Quotes That Every Broken Heart Can Relate

25 Fake Love Quotes That Every Broken Heart Can Relate

When a person shows love, affection, care, and attention, you become happy and feel the love. What if that person is faking it all the time? That is possible because some people can be very hurtful and selfish to cheat on you and show fake love. You can identify if you are going through the same condition by reading the Fake love quotes here.

25 Fake Love Quotes That Every Broken Heart Can Relate


Fake love means false love. It refers that someone does not love you from heart, says bad things about you, cheats on you behind your back. Fake love is very dangerous; you can get hurt your feelings and harm your feelings for a long time. Fake love can be between couples, family, relatives, and so on.

Another definition of fake love is a couple is showing immense care, love, and happiness for one another but is still unable to feel. They do not feel anything from the core of their heart but try their best to keep the spark alive in the relationship.


25 Fake Love Quotes That Every Broken Heart Can Relate

  • The fake lovers are emotionally distant in their relationship. They tend to be noncommunicating personalities.
  • Always blame one another for every terrible thing. Ready to begin the fight for stupid things.
  • They do not plan or make any efforts to make you happy, and it is always you who plan everything for them.
  • The fake lovers are unconcerned with each other. CUTE COUPLE QUOTES, LIFESTYLE, AND MORE Quotes


Many quotes are written on fake love. You can choose which quote you want to send to those who have harmed your feelings. Spot the fake lovers and instantly throw them out of your life to keep yourself healthy and happy mentally.

  • If someone truly loves you, they do not judge you.
  • I always cared about you, but you never cared about me, and yet I thought we would spend the rest of our lives together.
  • Do not use someone just for your benefit because you do not know how much it hurts when they know the truth.
  • Please do not fall for that fake smile because you have no idea what they are hiding behind their fake smile.
  • It hurts the most when you know the person you love the most has never been in love with you and has just used you.
  • You have given me nothing but pain, and I hope you will understand how it feels like to have your heart broken one day.
  • When you came into my life, all I thought was that you were the one that I’d been looking for, but I was wrong.
  • You are just pretending to love me, but in reality, you never loved me, and I was so stupid that I fell for you.


You are so special, do not waste yourself for someone who only pretends to love you. Wait for the right one who will treat you in the best possible ways.

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