28-year-old Texas police officer shot in the face

28-year-old Texas police officer shot in the face

28-year-old Texas police officer shot in the face: According to the officials, a violent altercation that took place on Saturday, July 23, near Houston resulted in the death of a guy from Texas and the hospitalization of a law enforcement officer. According to remarks made by Houston Police Chief Troy Finner during a press conference, the incident started around two in the morning when police from the Missouri City Police Department observed a vehicle at a gas station that had been involved in a robbery.

He also mentioned that the person behind the wheel was suspected of robbing someone of their vehicle the day before. Missouri City is located around 20 miles to the southwest of the central business district of Houston. According to Finner, the police officers followed the vehicle after it moved away from the petrol station. A little while later, the officers called for backup from the Houston police department.

According to Finner, the suspect eventually came to a stop with the vehicle on a residential street, got out, and fled the scene. During the pursuit, the suspect opened fire, striking Officer Crystal Sepulveda in the face with a round.

According to Finner, “several agencies” immediately began scouring the area for the culprit after they surrounded it. The suspect was discovered by the police in the backyard of a house. According to Finner, he started shooting at the police, and the police opened fire, causing him to be hit many times. The suspect was brought to a local hospital, where it was determined that he had already passed away. The identification of the suspect has not been made public by the police; nevertheless, they have stated that he was between 25 and 30 years old.

According to officials, Sepulveda, who has served as a police officer in Missouri City for the past three years, was hospitalised on July 23 and was listed in stable condition. In a message on their social media platform, the MCPD stated that “Our sister is a fighter and will survive her injuries.” “We are there to support her and her family through this difficult time, as we are aware that the road to recovery is a long one.”

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