5 Myths Associated With Delta 8 That You Should Know

5 Myths Associated With Delta 8 That You Should Know

5 Myths Associated With Delta 8 That You Should Know: Delta 8 is a dominating product in the cannabis industry due to its benefits. But the information regarding this compound is a mix of a few truths and multiple lies. And such misinformation can often mislead users and ruin their experience for them.

So, if you want to use super chill delta 8, we have everything you heard wrong about it. We will bust some of the myths around the product to give you accurate and helpful information. 

Understanding Delta 8 

Delta 8 or Delta 8 THC is a hemp-based compound. It shares some of its merits with its cousin, Delta 9 THC. However, this is a synthetic THC that manufacturers make for the users instead of extracting it.

Delta 8 occurs in cannabis plants, but the quantity is too little to extract and use. It is just as efficient and does not contain harmful additives (as long as you buy from a reputed brand.) So, the manufacturers restructure the Delta 9 THC or CBD to make artificial Delta 8 THC.

Delta 8 products have been popular since they got federally legalized in 2018. But since it is such a taboo product, there are more myths than facts about it on the internet. And differentiating between these helps users understand if the product is ideal for them.

Some Misconceptions Surrounding Delta 8 

Its products get a negative gaze even now due to the poor usage of cannabis products throughout history. So many people put out inaccurate information based solely on rumors.

And while such information may seem harmless, it can create misconceptions about Delta 8 and its usage. So, you can look at all the myths below to know what the fact is regarding the products:

  • Delta 8 Is Almost The Same As Delta 9 THC

Since their names are so similar to one another, people often mistake one compound for the other. And even people who know they are separate often believe they have almost all features in common.

Undoubtedly, Delta 8 and 9 overlap in certain areas, like their benefits. However, their intensity and overall feel are much different from each other. For example, Delta 9 is highly psychoactive and gives you joy and a strong buzz.

But Delta 8 is more energizing than it is euphoric. And at the same time, its high is more of a soft buzz. So, while you would feel happy and light, it would not hinder you in doing your tasks or making decisions.

  • Delta 8 Comes From Marijuana

Marijuana is the plant that people have villainized, the one responsible for the taboo surrounding Delta 8. However, the funniest part is that Delta 8 does not come from the marijuana plant- but from industrial hemp.

As we will discuss further, Delta 8 is a synthetic cannabinoid. It means that it is synthesized for commercial sale by multiple manufacturers. And to meet the federal laws of production, most manufacturers use hemp plants.

In most cases- the Delta 8 you use comes from the friendly hemp plant. They use the CBD or THC extracted from the plant to turn it into Delta 8. Even if they were to get it from marijuana, they would not find enough to sell as it is in trace quantities.

Many people feel Delta 8’s connection to THC makes it an illegal substance. But there’s more to the legality of Delta 8. Firstly, Delta 8 products that come from hemp are fully legal federally.

The 2108 Farm Bill enabled manufacturers to produce products from industrial hemp and sell them. And since Delta 8 comes from hemp, it is currently federally legal. However, federal legality only ensures its legality across multiple states.

Every state has a different take on Delta 8. Some states have controlled its usage, while others have banned it altogether. So, you must check the status of Delta 8 in your state before buying it.

  • Delta 8 Contains Lots of Chemicals

Delta 8 is a synthetic cannabis compound that comes from its products. Hence, the Delta 8 we consume is CBD or THC from a hemp plant. So naturally, people think that many chemicals get involved in the process.

While some manufacturers may use unsafe practices, trusted brands do not use such chemicals. The laboratory process for Delta 8 extraction is straightforward and involves hardly any additives. 

And even they are only to encourage the development of Delta 8 from these compounds. So, its extraction does not make the product harmful to your body. However, ensure to check the brand before you buy a high-quality Delta 8.

  • Delta 8 Is Not Psychoactive

Since Delta 8 was deemed the nicer sibling of THC, it has many claims surrounding it. Some people mistake that Delta 8 products do not having any psychoactive effect on the body.

While it is much less psychoactive than Delta 9 THC, it still has some properties. It will get you a mild buzz instead of a full-fledged high. So, it is much subtler in its effects on your mind, but the merits are there.

Hence, users must know about this property before they buy cannabis products like Delta 8. Some people fail to dose their products appropriately due to this and face adverse effects. 

Delta 8 Is Not Psychoactive

Is Delta 8 Safe To Use?

Many people know Delta 8 as the subtler version of Delta 9. And while that is true- it is still psychoactive to some extent. But using Delta 8 is no different than using any other supplement. If you use it in moderation, you will enjoy only its benefits.

On the other hand, if you overuse it in high doses, you are bound to feel adverse effects. So, you can moderate your doses to avoid and never overdose. To do so, you can begin with the smallest possible amount.

And if you keep doing so, even the slight side effects will disappear with a few uses. And you can also choose the most known brand to ensure that your Delta 8 is high-quality and free of additives.

Final Thoughts

The reception of cannabis products by the general public is still not all positive. And due to the rumors in the air, many people put out falsified information. Such information can prevent people from understanding Delta 8 as a product.

By busting these myths, we wish to spread accurate and unaltered facts about products like delta 8 hemp flower. An unbiased view of the product will give you the liberty to judge if it will be efficient.

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