6 Ways a Travel Nurse Can Stay Organized

6 Ways a Travel Nurse Can Stay Organized

6 Ways a Travel Nurse Can Stay Organized Here, we will discuss six ways a travel nurse can stay organized.

Being a travel nurse makes life a fast-paced environment where you have little time to prepare. The chaos that comes with the travel nurse position is stressful, and being organized can feel impossible.

Luckily, you can implement many simple organizational tips to ensure you are always ready for the following travel opportunity.

Let’s jump right in!

1) Pack Ahead of Time

By having your luggage packed before receiving an assignment, you can remain prepared and organized.

Your bags should include extra scrubs, seasonal clothing, toiletries, and other necessities. Having a pre-packed carry-on bag ready to go can also be helpful advice for nurses traveling via air. 

2) Find Sitters For While Your Away

Whether you have Children, Pets, Plants, a House, or all of the above, you will need someone to take care of these things while you are away. 

Travel nurse relocations can last for days or weeks, and because of how unpredictable these time frames can be, it is a good idea to find sitters before you are given your assignments. This means having a babysitter, pet sitter, or house sitter on retainer. These assignments are often last minute, leaving you with only a little time to prepare.

If you need help finding sitters that can work with your unpredictable schedule, sites like Care.com can help you find trusted, qualified candidates in a pinch.

3) Create a Filing System

Any contract position, like travel nursing, will come with tons of documents that need to be kept safe and organized.

Some examples are hospital or agency contracts, travel policies, travel insurance, your resume, and receipts. These documents are essential for tax filing, reimbursements, budgeting, and personal reference.

Here are some ways to keep this information organized.

  • Downloading digital and scanned copies of documents to your computer. You can then save them to labeled folders. 
  • Printing documents and storing them in physical folders. 
  • Requesting that receipts be sent to your email.
  • Downloading organizational apps

Camscanner, Medscape, and Evernote are a few apps that many travel nurses rely on for the organization of their documents. Regardless of how you file the majority of your paperwork, you should place the most relevant paperwork into a travel binder to bring along with you. 

4) Find a Travel Booking Platform

One of the most complex parts of being a travel nurse is finding extended stay accommodations, flights, and transportation. Therefore, having an account with a reliable booking platform can help you stay organized and save time.

Having a booking platform you love helps with the organization because all of the information associated with your past and present reservations will be stored in one easily accessible place.

These platforms also help you find discounts and last-minute booking options, which is a great bonus.

5) Check Your Inventory Regularly

Depending on the type of nursing you do, you may have an inventory of personal tools used for the job.

Items like a stethoscope, blood pressure cuffs, thermometers, and bandages may or may not be provided by the contractor, so it is a good idea to check your inventory on a regular basis. If you are responsible for these tools, organize them in a separate work bag for easy access and inventory counting. 

Having a personal inventory is more common for traveling home health nurses and aides; however, it also applies to personal inventory such as toiletries. 

After every trip, check your shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, and other hygiene products to ensure that you have enough available for the next trip. Read More Best ways to keep active

6) Have a Folder to Present Your Employer

Travel nurse agencies tend to request an intimidating amount of documentation, and having it all prepared and ready to hand over is impressive and saves you quite a bit of stress and time. 

In your folder, you should include copies of the following:

  • Identification card
  • Social security card
  • Passport
  • Medical histories such as vaccinations and health concerns
  • Resume
  • Certifications and registrations
  • Notarized I9 form
  • Direct deposit form

Sometimes, your employer will request digital copies of these documents. Therefore, you should consider downloading an app like Tinyscanner that lets you scan and organize your physical paperwork.


Staying organized as a travel nurse can be challenging; however, it is essential to the success of your travels.

By pre-packing your bags, having sitters on notice, creating a filing system, using a booking platform, keeping up with your inventory, and having a folder of employment documents on hand, you can streamline your travels and enjoy your trip instead of stressing over the little things. 

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