7 Tips for makeup artists to grow their business

7 Tips for makeup artists to grow their business

7 Tips for makeup artists to grow their business: Are you a professional makeup artist? Maybe you are a freelance MUA looking for better opportunities. Maybe you want to travel the world and work with celebrities. Well, both are possible if you market yourself well. You are busy running the business or learning the new art of makeup. However, in all of this, not fine-tuning your marketing plan can be problematic. It will rob you of opportunities to grow yourself as a successful MUA.

Fortunately, there are many marketing opportunities. Some require a significant investment, while others do not. However, if you approach them correctly and consistently, it will work. So, let’s look at the best marketing ideas or techniques for an MUA.

Use social media to market.

Enhancing your social media profiles is essential. It helps a makeup artist reach out to multiple customers with ease. Consider these things:

  • Have a perfect profile. Include the correct details. Include a website link if you have one. Add business hours, contact details, and more. The most important aspect of the profile is the profile picture. Use your logo for the same purpose. If you don’t have a logo, use abeauty logo maker to create one.
  • For makeup, you use multiple products. When you post the images, tag those brands too. For instance, using a Bobbi Brown foundation, tag the brand. It is a cross-promotion technique that aids in the development of customer loyalty.
  • Share before and after pictures. It shows potential customers what you can do with a clean slate.
  • Be consistent with posting images on social media. It can help both freelance MUAs and professional makeup artists grow.
  • Using proper hashtags exposes your account to the right people. Customers who may contact you for work. Salons that are looking for MUAs may be searching Instagram through hashtags. So, ensure you use the best and most appropriate tags.
  • To keep customers engaged with your social media, share videos. It can transform videos of clients.

To be successful, know the trend. If people use a particular trend and you are not, it will set you back. Therefore, go to industry events, look online, and more to ensure you always follow the latest trends.

Have a website

Create a website for your makeup business. It lets the target audience know what you do. It allows them to build a relationship with you. Put these on your website.

  • Professional biography
  • Makeup Portfolio
  • Testimonials
  • Services you provide
  • Prices
  • Social media profile links
  • Contact details

Create a YouTube channel.

A YouTube channel where you share makeup tutorials in detail is helpful. It can attract the audience to your work. It can make people contact you when they are looking for your services. The trick here is to let your work show. You should reflect that in your videos if you are a wedding MUA. Otherwise, you will not attract the right audience to your business.


Networking with professionals helps you build clients. Attend industry events, like photography events. Here you will meet people who need a makeup artist. Or they may know someone who requires the services of a makeup artist. Thus, never ignore going to these events. They can provide you with better opportunities to grow.

Work on building contacts.

MUAs, especially freelance artists, get their work through contacts. So, when you are working with one client, do your best. If they love your work, they will call you again and again. They will also recommend you to their friends and family. It helps you get better opportunities. Moreover, encourage them to recommend you by offering them discounts.

Have competitive prices

You want the potential customers to choose you. For this reason, keep the prices competitive. It means the price should not be so low that you lose money. But not so high that you don’t get hired. Research the going rate in your area. It will help you set the right price. Also, you can always run discounts or offers to attract new customers.

To be the biggest and most successful MUA, marketing yourself is necessary. Networking, using social media and building a brand all help. Some of these might work for you; some won’t. But be consistent, and you will see results.

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