99+ Epic Berserk Tattoos Designs 2023 You Need To See

99+ Epic Berserk Tattoos Designs 2023 You Need To See

99+ Epic Berserk Tattoos Designs 2023 You Need To See: Are you a person who is always afraid of people, or do you have enough strength to face the hardships of life? Survival in this world is not as easy as you think.

When we are young, our parents take care of us and save us from this ruthless world. But when we get older, we have to learn how to fight alone.

Have you ever seen a documentary about the lion? What does it want to depict? The lion is a symbol of courage, tenacity, and exceptional strength. He knows how to be the king, and the only formula to rule the minds and hearts of others is to create something unique and full of strength that is not present in others.

The same is the case with human life. If you don’t have courage, you can’t move forward to achieve your goals. And if you have such quality, then berserk tattoos are a must-have. 99 Unique Gemini Tattoos Designs with Meaning 

These tattoos help a person to move on, no matter what is happening in life or how hard times he is going through. He should stand firm against the cyclones of life. These tattoos often include battles, intense imagery, blood, and weapons that represent a never-ending fight that levels up your morale.

Although the most commonly used symbols for berserk tattoos are wolf or Norse bear, there are several other symbols as well. Moreover, this tattoo has an origin from a character of an anime series, and it has a great range of characteristics. So it’s hard to decide which berserk tattoo you should have inked on your body.

For your convenience, we have compiled a very authentic list of berserk tattoos that are also known as a “Brand of Sacrifice”. So if you are a fan of berserk or are curious to get its details, then hop in the article below!

99+ Epic Berserk Tattoos Designs 2023 You Need To See

What Do Berserk Tattoos Symbolize in Different Cultures?

What Do Berserk Tattoos Symbolize in Different Cultures? What Do Berserk Tattoos Symbolize in Different Cultures? What Do Berserk Tattoos Symbolize in Different Cultures?

Berserk tattoos have various meanings in different cultures. They are flexible in their styles as well as in their meanings. These tattoos show a strong masculine side because this tattoo and its hero, the Guts show very aggressive behavior. This is perfect for men’s personalities.

People usually prefer to wear this tattoo along with tigers, lions, and dragons that show exceptional stamina and willpower to beat others.

In some cultures, this tattoo is a true depiction of allegiance. This tattoo has characters that have an origin in medieval literature or Norse mythology. 99+ Red Tattoo designs for males and females:

This tattoo is a representation of a bear’s head and also symbolizes war, ferocity, and masculinity.

There is so much to tell you about this tattoo; read ahead!

What Does The Brand of Sacrifice Mean?

The brand of sacrifice is a fictional character of a Japanese anime series named Japanese Manga Berserk. This brand represents the people who are willing to face hardships. This signifies the person who has no time to wait for the decisions of fate.

Brand of sacrifice is a sacrificial ceremony that ultimately ends on the God Hand member. Although this all is imaginary and has no reality in it, most people, especially those who are fans, believe that it’s a reality-based story.

In this story, the sign of the brand of sacrifice was marked on the body of the main character, Guts, by birth.

Now, move towards the different berserk styles that you can choose to be tattooed on your body.

What Do Berserk Tattoos Symbolize in Different Cultures?

Let’s go!

Berserk Designs – What Do Berserk Tattoos Want to Say?

Berserk Designs - What Do Berserk Tattoos Want to Say? Berserk Designs - What Do Berserk Tattoos Want to Say? Berserk Designs - What Do Berserk Tattoos Want to Say?

Berserk tattoos have so many styles that you can consider for yourself. Although this tattoo shows strong masculine behavior, this is for girls as well. 99+ Adorable Father and Daughter Tattoo Ideas 

The tattoo has a huge library of designs, and it is printed with big and bold strokes. This admirably detailed tattoo can be printed with simple black ink and can be made more lively as well as lovely by adding some colors.

So without wasting time, scroll down and read the explanation of different designs below!

1. Simple Egg of the Perfect World Tattoo

Simple Egg of the Perfect World Tattoo Simple Egg of the Perfect World Tattoo

Simple egg of the perfect world is a famous berserk tattoo style that most people like to print on their bodies. Usually, this design is preferred by those people who want to stay simple yet unique on a very reasonable budget.

The amazing fact about this tattoo is that you don’t need to spend much on this style, and it doesn’t take much time to be tattooed. Moreover, you can get this tattoo where you want. 199+ smile Now Cry Later Tattoo Ideas & Meanings In 2023

This unsettling egg creature is just a blend of colors, and the shading and blending must be perfect enough to depict a true story.

2. Brand of Sacrifice Tattoo

Brand of Sacrifice Tattoo Brand of Sacrifice Tattoo

The main hero who is the center of this berserk tattoo design is Guts. He was the person who knew how to change destiny.

This is another popular berserk tattoo design that you should get at least once in your life. If you don’t believe the positivity, it impacts the soul. You can first try with temporary ink. 99 Powerful Gangster Tattoo Designs and Ideas 2023

The brand of sacrifice tattoo will entirely change your life, and you will feel pride after getting this.

3. Dragon Slayer Tattoo

Dragon Slayer Tattoo Dragon Slayer Tattoo

This iconic dragon slayer tattoo is one of those styles that do not bind a person to ink it in a traditional black and white color. The choice is yours! 199+ Drop Dead Amazing Santa Muerte Tattoos With Meanings

If you want to get an animated look with your tattoo, then add some metallic colors. It will surely change the whole look of the design.

4. Guts Manga Scene Tattoo

Guts Manga Scene Tattoo Guts Manga Scene Tattoo

Getting the right emotions with still images as a tattoo on the skin is definitely a great idea. The guts manga scene tattoo is an incredible tattoo that you should print on the skin right now. 99 Pinky Promise Tattoo ideas

This gives a high imagery look that is actually very close to the natural.

After printing this tattoo, you will feel inner peace and calmness that will satisfy your soul. This perfect berserk tattoo style demands flawless strokes. So contact some professional to print this sacred scene.

5. Guts and Griffith Tattoo

Guts and Griffith Tattoo Guts and Griffith Tattoo

Guts and Griffith are the two characters of this most anticipated series. During the selection of a tattoo, most people get confused about what to print, either Griffith or Guts. They both are worth printing, and how amazing it would be if you linked them together.

This berserk tattoo design allows a person to ink the most favorite characters together. This tattoo doubles the strength of the person who inked it, and you can also experience the courage that most people claim. 99 Pinky Promise Tattoo ideas

6. Guts and Puck Tattoo

Guts and Puck Tattoo Guts and Puck Tattoo

As this is already mentioned that berserk tattoos have a wide range of meanings, it does not only depict anger, strength, and courage but also represents friendship, the kind of friendship which adds beauty to life with small annoying yet cute activities.

So if you also have that one friend in your life whom you love to bite and who cutely irritates you, then you should get a Puck and Guts tattoo.

The Puck is also a character in the Berserk anime series. You can have this on your body as a sign of an unbreakable relationship.

So when you are surprising your friend with a Puck and Guts tattoo?

7. Black Swordsman Tattoo

Black Swordsman Tattoo Black Swordsman Tattoo

What do you think about this tattoo? Who is the swordsman worth printing? Undoubtedly, this is only superhero Guts.

Although this tattoo is considered a little bit ancient and it also gives a typical swordsman look. But the people who are real fans of Guts are used to painting their bodies with this specific tattoo. 199 Mushroom Tattoos ideas

8. The Band of Hawk tattoo

The Band of Hawk tattoo The Band of Hawk tattoo

The band of hawk is another great tattoo that you should wear on your body. There is a huge list of these tattoo designs; you can pick the one which suits your taste.

This iconic crest tattoo is the heart of berserk tattoos and is one of the most prominent tattoos that people ink the most.

9. Griffith Tattoo

Griffith Tattoo Griffith Tattoo

Griffith is the main character of the berserk storyline, and he is a member of God’s Hand.

Griffith was of the strongest personality and was represented as a villain during the whole story, but in the end, he served a lot for the band of hawks. 50+ Strong Survive Tattoo for men Design Ideas 2023

10. Casca Tattoo

Casca Tattoo Casca Tattoo Casca Tattoo

Just like Griffith and Guts, Casca is another main character of the story and was a companion of Guts. She was the former leader of the band of the falcon because she was exceptionally resilient and had strength like boys.

Initially, both Guts and Casca didn’t like each other, and they had a severe conflict, but ultimately they developed a very good relationship in which respect was the most prominent element. 99 Best Wildflower Tattoo Ideas in 2023 You Have To See To Believe!

Last Words

Berserk tattoos are tattoos that are a symbol of courage, war, and strength to move forward and to say no to destiny. These iconic bold tattoos are the best to have on your body, but it demands a little more space as compared to the other tattoos. These detailed tattoos are time-consuming, so if you are willing, then you should visit a near tattoo shop now.

Make sure that the person you are going to ink your body should be skilled enough to make this tattoo perfect in art.

You can check out the pictures of different styles to get the one for yourself!

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