99+ Saniderm Tattoo Bandage | Used to Protect Newly Inked Tattoos

99+ Saniderm Tattoo Bandage | Used to Protect Newly Inked Tattoos

99+ Saniderm Tattoo Bandage | Used to Protect Newly Inked Tattoos: Saniderm is an adhesive bandage used in aftercare routines to protect the newly-inked tattoo. If you are excited to get a new tattoo, then you must need to know about aftercare products.

Your tattoo can be ruined because of unawareness of the aftercare tattoo routine, even hiring an expert artist. So good care of tattoos is vital to maintain their integrity.

A new tattoo, which is an open wound, can be an attractive place for many germs to attack. Every artist suggests his method for healing. There are a lot of advice and products told for good care of your tattoo.

In this regard, the usage of Saniderm is the best option. It will keep your ink beautiful and helps you to heal easily. This medicated product is especially considered for tattoos. Polyurethane and acrylic adhesive is used in saniderm bandage.

Polyurethane and acrylic are transparent plastic materials used for adhesion. This adhesive is an insulator and breathable, so you can take a bath without any problem. 99+ Best Blessed Tattoo design Ideas Show Your Appreciation for Life

Saniderm does not adhere to the rinsing zone of the tattoo. This will not pull out the ink and keeps the art original. This bandage is available in different sizes and shapes, so you can cut it according to your tattoo design.

This will also protect your tattoo from sunburn and other irritants.

Your tattoo can be completely healed after the removal of your second saniderm. However, minor care is required for the healing of deeper layers.

99+ Saniderm Tattoo Bandage | Used to Protect Newly Inked Tattoos 99+ Saniderm Tattoo Bandage | Used to Protect Newly Inked Tattoos

Working Features of Saniderm Bandage 

Saniderm is a soft, transparent, glycerin-free adhesive bandage. It is similar to plastic wrap and shaped according to your tattoo. It is convenient to use, flexible, protects from external entities, permeable for gaseous exchange, and waterproof.

It provides a barrier against friction, dirt, and infection-causing bacteria. Ink drops, blood, and lymph can weep from your tattoo on the first day. This can infect or paint the surrounding area. Saniderm bandages can seal and cease these impurities nicely.

The Saniderm bandage is breathable and provides sufficient oxygen for the healing process. The human body secretes powerful healing agents which escape rapidly due to evaporation. This will make them unavailable for healing.

Saniderm blocks the escape of essential moisture and natural healing enzymes and ultimately increases the healing process.

These natural enzymes have the power to rejuvenate dead skin cells.

It provides moisture to start blood flow is blocked and damaged blood vessels. This will ease your pain.

Proper use of this adhesive helps you to remove the dry crusty upper layer from the tattoo. This will protect the tattoo from discoloration and alteration. This will not affect the Ozzy part of the tattoo and will never harm it. 99+ Best crow tattoos ideas With Meanings 2023

It protects the tattoo from wetting after showering and sweating, which can enhance the risk of infection.

Saniderm can solely handle the healing process. Other antibacterial ointments and aftercare products are not required with saniderm adhesive.

Sometimes bloody fluid comes out from your inked body. This fluid is helpful in tattoo healing.

Working Features of Saniderm Bandage 

Saniderm will prevent the leakage of this fluid and protect your clothes. It will provide you with proper sanitation. Saniderm provides a convenient session for cleaning and aftercare for tattoos.

It gives an efficient, smooth, and soft healing experience. It gives your tattoo a more exciting look than other protective strategies.

Instructions for the Application of Saniderm Bandage

Following instructions should be considered carefully while applying a saniderm bandage.

  1. Prepare your skin for getting a tattoo. Make sure the skin around the tattoo is cleaned.
  2. The area around the tattoo should be shaved.
  3. Hair are problematic during taking off the bandage.
  4. After getting the tattoo session, be sure the tattoo is cleaned properly. There should be no ink and debris, and then dry the area.
  5. Avoid alcohol-containing products. This product may cause hurdles for saniderm for the proper healing process.
  6. To fit around the tattoo, cut the saniderm. It should not be extra-large. Cut in such a way that there should be an extra inch on both sides to stick the saniderm on untattooed skin. Keep the edges sharp for convenient peeling out.
  7. The area around the tattoo should be completely dried. Otherwise, moisture can weaken the adhesion. It is unable to adhere properly.
  8. Remove the white wrapping by the sticky side first. Place the bandage on the tattoo carefully and efficiently.
  9. Press the bandage smoothly. It should be flat on tattooed skin. There should be no wrinkles and bubbles in the bandage to get desired results. Top 99 Best Spider Tattoo design and Ideas (2023)
  10. If there is any bubble in the tattoo, don’t make a hole in it. It can increase the risk of bacterial invasion. Cut and add an extra piece to the hole to completely seal your tattoo.
  11. Add a glycerin-free layer of healing balm for more comfort.
  12. After applying the adhesive side of the bandage, remove the second wrapping layer on the upper side and gently press.
  13. During the first week, saniderm heals the tattoo faster than any other ointment, balm, and aftercare product.

For How Long Should a Saniderm Bandage be Applied?

  • The first bandage can be applied for 8 to 24 hours. It can be placed until your tattoo stops exuding blood or any other secretions.
  • The healing process varies from person to person, so the oozing duration will also be different for everyone.
  • You should remove the bandage before the above-mentioned time if you observe extra secretions. This happens due to the application of colored and excessive products. They harm the skin more and try to come out.
  • When the adhesion of the bandage becomes weaker, you should pull it off. Loose adhesion can enter dirt and other infectious agents on the tattoo. This will make the healing unsafe.
  • If you are living in a dry and hot climate, then applies a thin layer of moisturizer. This will keep your tattoo moist.

Removal and Replacement of the First bandage  

  • You should pull off your first bandage after 24 hours. To remove the saniderm bandage, find the sharp edge. Take off gently in the opposite direction.
  • You can use warm soapy water to remove the bandage more comfortably. This will help to remove the adhesion.
  • Discard the used bandage and use mild soap to clean the tattoo. This will protect you from inflammation and irritation.
  • Never use this bandage again, even if it is completely dry.
  • Once the bandage is removed, clean the tattoo gently but thoroughly.
  • Now, gently dry the tattoo with a dry clean towel or pet dry.
  • After keeping it in the air for a few seconds, apply a new bandage by following the previous instructions.
  • A new bandage can be used for 6 days. If you feel any kind of leakage, then you should remove the second bandage. Clean the tattoo again and apply a new bandage if it is in the initial healing stage.
  • If you feel any kind of infection or irritation, remove the bandage before the recommended time.
  • Saniderm bandage is designed as latex-free, so allergic reactions are rare. But if your skin is sensitive or feels any kind of allergic reaction, then skip this medication.
  • Never use a saniderm bandage for more than 7 days in total.
  • After the final removal of your saniderm bandage, properly clean your tattoo gently with water and antibacterial soap. Dry the tattoo with a clean cloth or tissue paper. Keep it open for air drying, and then apply a thin layer of moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated.
  • You should avoid overhydrating after the usage of saniderm. Over-hydration may lead to infection and itching.
  • Once you removed the second bandage, your tattoo looked healed. But remember that deeper layers are still in the healing process and need care. 99+ Epic Berserk Tattoos Designs 2023 You Need To See

Precautionary Measures after Taking Off Saniderm Bandage

After removing the saniderm, you still need to take care of your tattoo for deeper recovery. Here we mentioned some precautionary measures you need to follow for complete recovery.

  • Wash your hands properly before touching your tattoo.
  • Use antibacterial and scent-free soap for washing.
  • Always use a clean towel for drying.
  • Use lotion, balm, and tattoo lotion if you feel dryness.
  • Use non-greasy lotion for moisturizing. Greasy and Vaseline-based lotion cause pore clogging. It disturbs skin breathing and tends to cause prolonged recovery.
  • Avoid direct sunlight. It may cause discoloration and tanning. Use sunscreen for 2 to 3 months after having a new tattoo.
  • Avoid touching, scratching, and peeling. It can cause infection and delay the healing process.
  • Avoid swimming and hot baths during the initial stages of healing. It can cause over-hydration and invite infection.
  • Don’t use shampoo and other chemicals containing cosmetics on the tattooed skin.
  • Wear loose and soft clothes during the healing process to avoid friction. Cover it properly if required to protect against sunburn and other external damage.
  • Avoid contact with heavy objects, plants, animals also to exposed skin.
  • Drinking and intake of antibiotics must quit during the healing stages. This causes blood thinning and prolonged recovery.
  • Quit gym and exercise for a few days. It can produce sweating which may tend to infection.
  • Avoid shaving and waxing the tattooed area until this area is not completely healed.

Concluding Remarks

In the initial stages, saniderm is the best aftercare product. It helps in faster recovery by providing the hydration required for tattooed skin. Wounds and tattoos need moisture and hygiene to recover fast. That is why you need to put lotions and ointments on your tattoo and wound to keep them moist.

These are short-term methods to protect tattoos. They dried after a few hours and required another application repeatedly. They can easily be vulnerable to external movements.

So saniderm bandage provides the solution to deal with all these issues. This product is basically designed to provide extra care to your tattoo. If you are worried about your tattoo aftercare routine, this content provides you with all information for your tattoo care.

Come and read to adore your body by inking with your favorite tattoo!

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