A detailed review about Aver vc520 Kenya

A detailed review about Aver vc520 Kenya

Aver Video Conferencing 520 Kenya is a video conferencing system that is widely used for normal business organizations and also for large business organizations. This is one of the best tools for cloud or web-based video conferencing. Like other video conferencing systems it has some features and some benefits. In this article, we have discussed all the facts about Aver vc520 Kenya

What is the best thing about Aver VC520 PRO Kenya?

The best thing about this video conferencing system is that it does not need any type of device driver, if you want to connect it to other devices you just need a USB. Its installation is more friendly because it does not require a hub or switch for connecting, it has input and output ports in the camera and speakerphone. If you are using this system then you don’t need to worry about the light in the room because it provides crystal-clear images even in dim light.

Benefits of Aver vc520 Kenya:

If you choose it for your business video conferencing room then you must get a lot of benefits because of its high-resolution features. 

  1. It is perfectly designed for medium to Large rooms and its 3 directional speakers support 360° Audio Pick-up
  2. Its installation is so easy as it requires no hub (fewer cables makes Installation easy and fast)
  3. Provides easy plug-and-play for any app (no need for device drivers)
  4. Provides up to 10 Camera presets (whose timer can be set by a single touch and you can also provide a close-up image of something even during the meeting, just with some clicks.)
  5. Full HD 1080p Output Resolution
  6. PTZ Camera with 18X Total Zoom

These are the best things about Aver vc520 pro video conferencing Kenya.

Features of Aver vc520 Kenya:

It has a high-quality, 1080p full HD PTZ USB 3.1 Gen 1 camera with a 12x optical zoom. The VC520 has a potent pan-tilt-zoom camera as well as a noise-reducing speakerphone, delivering finely defined images and rich audio that are more suitable for most business organizations. VC520 plug-and-play’s architecture provides you a high-quality video communication and it is just a USB connection away.

Some of the main features of its cameras are:

  • Zoom: 18X total zoom (12X optical zoom)
  • Minimum working distance: 1.5 meter
  • Pan step 0.45°; tilt step 0.25° (precisely controlled by remote control)
  • f/1.8 to f/2.8 (fast lens, perfect picture even in low light)
  • Full HD 1080p
  • ±130° pan; +90°/-25° tilt
  • 82° FOV (diagonal)
  • Multi-element, multi-coating auto-focus optics
  • Advanced settings in the download app
  • Standard tripod thread
  • Flip horizontal or vertical, capable of reverse ceiling mount

Some physical characteristics of Aver vc520 pro-Video Conferencing Kenya:

  • Camera: 180 x 144 x 184mm / 1.5kg
  • Speakerphone: 210 x 209 x59mm / 1.0kg
  • Remote control: 200 x 50 x 20mm / 0.091kg

Like the camera, its speaker also provides a lot of features. Some are:

It provides a touch control by which you can easily decrease or increase its volume, also provide 3 directional microphones that support 360° pick up in a 9m diameter range, noise suppression, and echo cancellation ability. Read about it An Introduction to Coupa Test Automation

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