A new bright and cheerful coloring of the Google Pixel 7a has been leaked.

A new bright and cheerful coloring of the Google Pixel 7a has been leaked.

A new bright and cheerful coloring of the Google Pixel 7a has been leaked. It is speculated that Google will unveil the Pixel 7a at Google I/O 2023, which will take place in a few weeks. The anticipated mid-range Pixel keeps appearing in online rumors and leaks as the date for its release draws closer and closer.

A recent and extensive dump of the Pixel 7a disclosed practically everything there is to know about the phone, including the size of its battery, the type of RAM it uses, and more. All of the renders that have been leaked thus far have shown the Pixel 7a in all three colors. A high-quality, fresh render has just been discovered online, showing the phone in a vibrant coral hue.

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On Twitter, the render of the coral Pixel 7a was posted by the leaker @evleaks. The camera bar uses a significantly lighter color tone than the rest of the back of the phone, which is done in an orange hue throughout its entirety. Even the buttons for controlling the volume and the power key appear to have been colored orange. This new color is much more daring and entertaining than the typical white and black tones. It could help the mid-range Pixel stand out in a sea of affordable Android phones thanks to its ability to differentiate itself from the competition.

If Google decides to release the Pixel 7a in this shade of orange, it won’t be the first coral phone from the company’s collection of products. While Google offered the Pixel 6 in a “Kinda Coral” color option, the 2019 Pixel 4 series was available in a colorway similar to “Oh So Orange.” A coral-colored version of the Nest Mini is also available.

In addition to coral, Google is expected to release the Pixel 7a in three additional colors: white, black/grey, and sky blue. Renders of all of these hues have already been seen online. This would mark the first time Google would offer its Pixel phones in four colors, with two more playful colors. As Google has done in the past with other fun Pixel color options, the coral Pixel 7a may only be available in select markets when it launches. A week ago, Jon Prosser asserted that the Google Store would have sole distribution rights to the coral colorway.

Be aware that the front of the next Pixel phone, which will be available in four different color options, will be black, as is the case with virtually all other mobile devices.

It is anticipated that the Pixel 7a will come equipped with significantly more advanced specifications than its predecessor, the Pixel 6a. This contains a more powerful Tensor G2 chip, a 6.1-inch OLED panel that runs at 90Hz, 8GB of RAM, and other features. However, all of these improvements will come at a cost, and it is rumored that the phone price will increase from $50 to $400 as a result.

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