Acclaimed curator Katherine Hu harnesses her keen vision to achieve success

Katherine Hu
Katherine Hu

The world of art brings its own unique challenge of being able to discern the mediocre from the great works of art. Katherine Hu, has achieved phenomenal success in this field by identifying and introducing great works of art. Katherine Hu or Katherine Yang Hu works as the Director of the COAA or the Chinese Overseas Artists Association. In a recent assignment she was designated jury at the GUYU Art Festival in China. Previously for the past two years she has been serving in a similar capacity. A large number of artworks were sold during this festival and attracted huge crowds. The upcoming issue of Cosmopolitan has selected Katherine as a featured writer to write about collectible art toys. Katherine’s other roles include her as an art appraiser, an advisor on contemporary arts, and a professional art curator. She has worked with several high-profile clients in the primary and secondary markets. She is also known for her role as an advisor and appraiser of digital media arts, motion picture arts and Asian decorative and fine arts.

Katherine Hu
                                  Katherine Hu

Her educational qualifications include graduation in Comprehensive Appraisal Studies Program by the AAA or the Appraiser’s Association of America. She has obtained a Master’s degree form NYU Tisch School of Art. Katherine’s first assignment as a curator was with the China International Entertainment and Art Group. To add to her portfolio are a string of curated shows and exhibitions spanning the most reputed institutions in China. She is now acknowledged as a premier art curator in China. She has also worked in New York. She has worked for several auction houses and galleries. She then went on to establish her own art advisory venture.

Katherine loves her profession and is always keen to add more value in what she does.

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