Ace digital Marketing duo, Vijay Lathwal & Surendar Singh create North East Headlines’ success!

Vijay Lathwal & Surendar Singh
Vijay Lathwal & Surendar Singh

The power of social media has catapulted several names from a small or unknown existence to a reputed and well-known one. Channelizing the reach and popularity of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc, the dynamic duo of Vijay Lathwal & Surendar Singh has worked relentlessly to make North East Headline a digital marketing wonder. 

In the day and age of the internet which gives the power of accessibility and connectivity to millions of people the world over, with the right expertise names and brands gains immense popularity in no time. The more followers you have on social media the more your popularity soars.

Vijay Lathwal & Surendar Singh
                           Vijay Lathwal & Surendar Singh

North East Headline has emerged as a go-to source for information, in cities and remote areas. Through their youtube channel Vijay Lathwal and Surendar Singh, impart educational development at extremely affordable prices and at a very low cost. Their innovative low-cost service on youtube includes – home education for students, guidance for parents on how to assist their children in their homework, how businesses can focus on their quality output, how religious organizations can carry on cultural development, and many other useful topics and detailed information on those is included. Vijay Lathwal is just aged 18 and hails from Gohana in Haryana. Surendar Singh is 32. 

Commenting on their success the duo says they would want to be seen as a source of inspiration for the youth.  They also say that the youngsters must bear in mind that their efforts may meet with failure initially or even down the years, but they must never give up hope. 

The fascinating digital world offers a lot for those willing to explore it. For those wanting to work with and hire the expertise of Vijay Lathwal and Surendar Singh, that will spell the start of endless possibilities!

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