Actress and Model Amber Wang debuts in ‘Models Wanted’ that reveals the perils of freelance modelling

Amber Wang
Amber Wang

Amber Wang a Chinese model, actress and entrepreneur has acted in her first movie “Models Wanted.” The story revolves around the risky and dangerous sex trafficking world. Amber Wang is a very popular face on magazine covers.

Amber says that she is very happy to be associated with this film because it gives a good message to society and also warns women to be wary of the dangers of sex trafficking.

Amber Wang
                                        Amber Wang

This film “Models Wanted” shows the underbelly of the modelling world and how it is linked to sex trafficking. Young women are attracted to the world of glamour through the modelling industry and then fall easy prey to sex traffickers. College students take to modelling just to raise some pocket money and become soft target for unscrupulous people. These people are interested in making money for themselves. Some Freelance models are forced and exploited for sex. They also become rape victims and are sometimes imprisoned as sex slaves. This problem is prevalent in national as well as international platforms.

Sex Traffickers target people who are aspiring for a better life and try and include as many people as they can in their trap. They get individuals from different social and economic conditions. Usually, those people fall into their trap who are weak and vulnerable, have had a bad childhood, or just want to live a better and more luxurious life.

The producers of the movie say that they wanted to create awareness and education in the minds of young models who are unaware of the pitfalls of this profession. The women if they are warned early can be prepared and save themselves from harm. The producers feel that well informed women will be safer and, in a position, to protect themselves.

Raised and born in Luoyang, Henan, China, Amber went to the USA to further her academic opportunities. She also became a well-known entrepreneur. She rose to fame very soon as an international actress and model.

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