Actress and model Rashalika Sabharwal exemplifies how opportunities can be fine-tuned for success!

Rashalika Sabharwal
Rashalika Sabharwal

After completing her Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and communication, Rashalika Sabharwal, opted for a career switch. Instead of settling for a job in Engineering, she decided to pursue a career in the fashion and entertainment industry. Rashalika’s well thought out decision stemmed from the numerous opportunities that came her way while she was in college and gently prodded her towards the world of glitz and glamour.  

Rashalika Sabharwal
                                                                                                                                  Rashalika Sabharwal

While studying at the Amity School of Engineering and Technology, she was crowned Miss Fresher. Then followed a series of other exciting titles and wins. Rashalika was chosen as the campus brand ambassador of Vogue Eyewear in 2012. In a beauty pageant held in the same year, she won the title of Hindustan Times Fresh Face. She went on to add more accolades with Miss North India Princess 2014, and two years later, she won Miss Evening 2016 in her college followed by Rajasthali Miss Shining Star in the year 2020. As one of the finalists in Miss Diva Universe 2020 she went on to win the Miss Glowing skin title.

Rashalika continued her success story in the fashion and entertainment industry by bagging assignments with reputed brands like Cosmopolitan and Sephora to name a few. Her modelling assignments saw her walking the ramp for Blender’s Pride and shooting for Femina. She was chosen to play lead roles in advertising campaigns. An opportunity to explore her acting prowess was offered to her in a Tv show “Airlines.” She was also part of very popular music videos like “Eye Candy’’ “Alert Kudey” “Jamila” “Sheesha’’ and others. This also presented her the opportunity of working with renowned artists from the entertainment industry.

She enjoys a huge social media fan following with her engaging posts. 

Rashalika exemplifies how one can harness various opportunities to create a successful career!

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