After contracting mononucleosis Crestwood teen Ryan Plowman passes away

After contracting mononucleosis Crestwood teen Ryan Plowman passes away.

After contracting mononucleosis Crestwood teen Ryan Plowman passes away. Ryan Plowman, 17, of Crestwood passed away on Saturday from mononucleosis, a normally mild condition that worsened.

His father Daniel Plowman remarked, “He just had a perfect storm. You shouldn’t die from mono, but he did.” Because of his Crohn’s disease, Ryan’s immune system was already weak, making it impossible for him to successfully fight off a mono.

“It’s difficult to see your child struggle. Nobody ever ought to experience something like this, “said Daniel Plowman. Mother Jennifer Plowman stated, “I have images etched into my head that I don’t know how I’m going to escape.”

Initially suffering from a runny nose and sore throat, Ryan spent a week at Comer Children’s Hospital trying to battle till the end. Anyone who knew him will sincerely miss his upbeat outlook, fascinating charm, and sheer delight.

He is really lovely, his girlfriend Kadence Jones remarked. He wasn’t deserve of going through what he did, and I’ve never encountered a kinder soul. Ryan, a standout soccer player, helped Shepard High School win the regional title this year.

Coach Zeno Toscas once remarked, “I always maintained there’s no team that could ever beat us if I could have a full team of Ryan Plowmans. The overwhelming community support and hope that they will one day see him again are the only things helping his family through this tragedy.

He is now my angel, Jennifer declared. I must now live for him and by him.

Love and hug your children, Daniel said. “I didn’t tell him that I loved him enough, but throughout the final few days, his friends showed me text messages showing he knew he was loved, I didn’t have to tell him,” the speaker said.

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