After touching the Queen, some want Huw Edwards knighted.

After touching the Queen, some want Huw Edwards knighted.

After touching the Queen, some want Huw Edwards knighted. Many people have expressed their gratitude to Huw Edwards for his coverage of Queen Elizabeth II’s death, with some even suggesting he be knighted.

Since it was revealed about lunchtime that the Queen was under medical supervision, Edwards has been airing nonstop coverage of the unfolding events.

Edwards, who attended the day with the nation while wearing a black tie and watching the BBC instead of its regularly scheduled programming, said.

Tears welled up in his eyes as the presenter confirmed the death of the Queen and read a statement from Buckingham Palace.

Edwards continued, “It’s a seismic event, it’s the longest reigning monarch in British history, who has departed us at the age of 96.

“And it’s not a surprise when someone of that age experiences ill health and eventually goes away, but of course what is left is the reflection on what was achieved and the kind of life that was led, as well as the sense of duty and a sense of loyalty.

The sense of humility, which is odd to say about a monarch, as someone who had a sense of duty to others, was also mentioned by [BBC Royal correspondent] Nick [Witchell].

This was a recurring subject in the Queen’s speeches and commemorations of major events in her life.

Edwards noted again in his reporting, “Let’s linger now on the impact on the people of the United Kingdom, for whom the Queen has been this symbol, not just of power, but as a symbol of true solidity and consistency over the years.”

Even if the new monarch, King Charles III, is a well-known character, removing this emblem will have an impact on people’s daily lives, even if they aren’t monarchists in the traditional sense.

Many viewers applauded Edwards’s dignified and professional coverage of the tragic event and said they felt it was a fitting homage to the Queen, who picked 15 prime ministers during her reign.

According to one Twitter user, “King Charles awarded Huw Edwards a knighthood! What a consummate professional, calm, sober.”

One more commenter chimed in, saying, “Huw Edwards deserves a knighthood for simply talking to innumerable individuals about nothing for hours on end and now leading the most important news story of a generation, the best to ever do it I think!”

Finally, a third user remarked, “BBC at its finest on situations like this. @thehuwedwards deserves a knighthood for his dignity and professionalism. Bravo.”

For more than three decades, beginning in 1984 when Edwards was a BBC news trainee, Edwards enjoyed a successful career as a television journalist.

Celebrities as varied as Barack Obama, Daniel Craig, and the Rolling Stones have all paid respect to Queen Elizabeth since the news of her death broke.

Due to the demise of the monarch, all sporting activities scheduled for tomorrow have been canceled and the Eiffel Tower will be darkened in observance.

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