Alba Baptista Marvelously Supports Boyfriend Chris Evans at Ghosted NYC Premiere.

Alba Baptista Marvelously Supports Boyfriend Chris Evans at Ghosted NYC Premiere.

Alba Baptista Marvelously Supports Boyfriend Chris Evans at Ghosted NYC Premiere. Chris Evans was joined at the launch of the new television show Ghosted by none other than his significant other.

The celebratory event was placed on April 18 in New York City. The actor, who stars in the Apple TV+ romantic comedy alongside Ana de Armas, posed for photos wearing a white knit sweater and green trousers on the red carpet. Ana de Armas also stars in the film. As for his girlfriend, Alba Baptista, she looked stunning in a black sleeveless midi dress combined with open-toed black shoes. Alba is 25 years old.

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Although the couple didn’t pose for any photos together, it is evident that they had a fantastic time on their date, as seen by the videos that were posted on social media.

The Captain America actor, who is 41 years old, confirmed his connection with the actress who played the Warrior Nun on Instagram three months before their most recent public appearance.

Chris and Alba were seen playing pranks on one another in a cute video montage that Chris posted to his Instagram Stories in January. In the video, the two were seen continuously creeping up on one another and scaring one another. In honor of Valentine’s Day the following month, the Knives Out alum provided another rare look into their romance by releasing adorable pictures of them hiking, traveling, and playing with Chris’ dog Dodger. These pictures were posted on the social media platform Instagram.

The first time that the two were seen together in public was in November of 2022, and many media outlets reported that they had been dating for more than a year at the time of the sighting. The public announcement of their relationship came exactly four months after the Avengers star gave an interview in which he discussed reaching his endgame.

In July, he shared with Shondaland that his “laser-focused” priority right now is to find “a spouse,” which he defined as “someone that you want to live with.” Look at it this way: I genuinely enjoy my work. It’s wonderful. I give it every bit of myself that I have. But…even this sector is full of uncertainty, reluctance, and recalibration when it comes to genuinely trying to find someone you can thoroughly invest all of yourself into.”

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