Ameer Merchant crosses numerous hurdles to script his success story

Ameer Merchant
Ameer Merchant

Ameer Merchant from Bhavnagar, Gujarat, believes in the power of self-belief and hard work to achieve one’s goals. During his professional journey Ameer Merchant, faced numerous setbacks, defeats and failures but never succumbed to those. 

His father has been a source of inspiration for him and he derives great strength form his family. Ameer Merchant drew on his inner strength and the support of his family members especially his father to emerge stronger after every defeat and failure.

As a student academically he was just average, but exceptionally good in extracurricular activities. He is very fond of snooker and football and is convinced that taking up different sports teach people to be resilient. 

His professional journey has taught him how the power of hard work, patience and persistence pay off.  His career contour shows his experience in the real estate sector, hospitality, food industry and shipping machinery. He pursued a very lucrative career in the real estate in the Gulf. 

Ameer Merchant
                                                                                                         Ameer Merchant

His recent venture includes the launch of a brand “Euphoria’’ focused on fried onions and a variety of food products.

In his early years he faced many setbacks that could have proved a major platform for defeat and mental agony for entrepreneurs but Ameer Merchant refused to cow down or buckle under such pressure. He continued on his career path with crystal clear objectives, the power of hard work and dedication. All the ventures that he entered were highly competitive so innovation along with hard work were a necessary pre requisite to succeed.

Ameer also believes in having role models and sources of inspiration. For him this was fulfilled by his father and the support he received from his family. Concluding on what is one of the strong reasons for success Ameer says it is your inner qualities and the support that you receive from your family.


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